Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


We Kaim, We saw, We conquered.

Been a while since I used a pun off of a bosses name.

Chapter 30 - The Berserker: Finished.

I brought Hector (Duh), Rebecca (needed training), and Jaffar (gets treasure).

Hector: Did most of the fighting and headed down the western path, the boots I gave him allowing him to cross the map a lot more quickly then usual. He cleaned up the knights in that area easily with either his Iron Axe or his Iron Blade, depending on the weapons they wield. He then took down the mages who tried to Elfire him with his Hand Axe, and continued forward. He turned northwards up the path to the left of the altar, and cut through all of the knights up there, also intercepting a thief. The thief, who had stolen a Wolf Beil, gave Hector a bit of trouble, dodging one of his strikes before he finally got killed, which ate up a turn. He then chopped up the fighters, gaining another Wolf Beil, and used his Hand Axe to take out the many mages near Kaim. By turn 6, he had reached Kaim, and fought him with his Iron Blade, hitting him twice, and avoiding his counter attack. Kaim attacked him, and the fight played out quite the same, and ended on that turn. Hector then claimed the space by turn 8.

Rebecca: Headed north a bit and shot at the nearest thief, killing him. She then went after all of the knights in the northern area for the experience, but sadly wasn't able to level up.

Jaffar: Followed behind Hector and stole the treasures as they passed them, claiming a Pure Water and an Elixir.

VS Kaim, Guardian of the Thunder Axe: I am Kaim. You who search for power... You... must prove your worth to me... The voice sounded as though it was in Hectors mind as he readied himself for the battle. The spirit pulled out a Tomahawk, and sent it flying towards Hector in a swift movement. Hector dodged out of the way, and jumped, bringing his blade down upon Kaim with a crash, dodging out of the way as the Tomahawk made its return trip. He then swung his blade in a wide horizontal arc, which cleaved the shade in two, before it reformed and prepared for a counterattack.

Hector charged this time, with a powerful two handed thrust that caused the spirit to dissipate, before reforming behind Hector and slashing downwards with the axe, about to embed the weapon in his head. Hector turned to the side, bringing his sword up to block the strike, and then finishing the fight with a powerful vertical swing, bifurcating the spirit. Tremendous... ...strength... Truly... like... his... He had said, before he faded away.

Turns Taken: 8, since that damn thief dodged a hit.

Up Next: Sands of Time...


Do you happen to know if it must be Hector who claims the space at the end?
montagohalcyon 12th Aug 11
I think it does, but check the status screen during the chapter just to be sure. I pretty much soloed the chapter with Hector, so I had him claim it, but I'm not sure if he has to.
Alfric 13th Aug 11