Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


The White Wolf sniffed around in the wrong places, it seems.

Chapter 24 - Four Fanged Offense: Finished.

Hector: Stayed near Merlinus mostly, but went east down the path to assist Rebecca, Lowen & Dorcas with a merc who was interfering with their plan. He also bought a few Reaver weapons, and a good deal of normal weapons from the nearby armories.

Rebecca, Lowen & Dorcas: Headed east, Dorcas cutting down the tree and opening the path for them. Lowen quickly handed Dorcas his bow, and they all waited for the enemies to come out of the fog. A bishop attacked Dorcas, and was quickly shot, and the group pushed through anyone who got in the way. They were slowed down a bit by a merc and hero, but with a bit of help from Hector, they defeated them easily enough and Lowen pushed through towards the northmost village, while Dorcas went for the closer one, and Rebecca manned the Ballista. She saw Raven and Lloyd engaging in a fierce duel across the river, and decided to send Lloyd a rather pointy present, which helped Raven best the Swordmaster.

Raven: He took out a monk and some wyvern knights who attacked near the start, which gave him the experience he needed to class change into a hero, and take on Lloyd. He stepped forward, and waited for the swordsman to step into sight for a duel, and quite the duel he got! Lloyd's powerful Light Brand allowed him to attack from afar, but Raven came prepared with a Hand Axe, and they traded blows, Raven left staggering from the magical blast. He quickly ran past Lloyd and made his way to one of the forests near the river, where he healed himself with his Elixir. The ballista bolt that Rebecca shot came soaring through the air, struck Lloyd, and leaving him reeling long enough for Raven to draw his sword and end the fight.

Wallace: Did pretty well as an NPC, and actually held his own against the many foes who attacked him.

Lloyd: Survived the fight, and left when he had found that we were not the savages that he was told of. He leaves to investigate, but before he is able to leave, he is killed by Limstella. Linus finds his body, assumes we are his brothers killers, and decides to hunt us down.

I've noticed: That I've had Raven kill the two plot important Black Fang members that we've encountered so far, since he faced both Uhai and Lloyd, and won both fights by the skin of his teeth.

Turns Taken: 6.

Up Next: Crazed Beast, a chapter which is probably going to give me a lot of trouble.