Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Putting down the Mad Dog...

Chapter 29 - Cog of Destiny: Finished.

Hector: Waited near the start, since he couldn't stand up to the stronger units in the chapter, and held off the wyvern reinforcements. Soon he will get his time to shine though, since he will class change after this chapter!

Jaffar:Took the west path, cutting down the groups of myrmidons, and eventually heading north to take down the snipers and mercs in that area. He eventually held off the continually spawning mercs and heroes before Linus was defeated.

Lowen, Rebecca & Raven: Took the northwestern path, Raven guarding the central pass, while Lowen covered the upper pass. Lowen got to A support with Rebecca, and the duo held back the waves of knights and generals advancing upon them. Raven meanwhile, held off the mercs and heroes until Jaffar took over, and he headed for the Shrine, to face Linus. He cut down all of his guards, and fought Linus with a Light Brand of his own, facing a good challenge in the fight, but eventually winning thanks to his B support with Rebecca, who alongside Lowen had left the knights to Dorcas while going to help Raven.

Dorcas: Took the northern path, and took out a good deal of mounted knights, mostly using bows due to the lack of axes at the moment. He pushed through, and eventually reached the northmost part of the map, taking care of the mix of horse units as he headed south to relieve Lowen and Rebecca of their job of having to stop the knights.

VS Mad Dog Linus: Raven understood revenge. He knew the rage that one felt towards those who had wronged you, but he also knew of the folly of it, the vicious cycle it created and all of the pain it caused. It mattered not now though, as the fight was more important. Raven had felt that it would be proper, despite not being the one to have actually killed Lloyd (indeed, he hadn't learned of the skilled Swordmasters death until Linus had announced it to them) to allow Linus to face the man who had fought his brother. Raven climbed the stairs into the ornate shrine, catching sight of the gleaming shield and blade that Linus wielded, and drawing his own, preparing for the fight.

Was it you? It was you, wasn't it?! You're the one who killed my brother!! Linus' accusation, only partially correct, was followed by a blast of light magic from his blade, forcing Raven to dodge out of the way. He assessed the situation quickly, noting the odd mark magically engraved into Linus' shield, which looked like one of the ones in Lucius' spell book. He guessed that it was a rune blessed with Light magic, and just now noticed that he couldn't see any weaknesses or flaws in Linus' stance, most likely due to the enchantment. Linus had come charging at him, and a vicious sideswipe aiming to behead Raven was barely blocked by Ravens own shield, and the force of the blow had still sent him flying. As he got up, Linus came down upon him with a leaping slash, hurling himself at Raven. The strike was blocked with Ravens sword, and he quickly rolled out of the way, attempting a quick slice at Linus' thigh, leaving a shallow wound, before Linus smacked him away with his shield.

Raven backed away, then quickly took to the offensive, rushing in with an uppercut to get under Linus' guard, which met with marginal success, leaving a small gash on Linus' lower stomach, and giving Raven enough room to escape from Linus' counter attack. He heard the clattering of hooves and the sound of a dismount, telling him the Lowen and Rebecca had come up into the shrine. Linus had charged towards him, and when Raven blocked the blow with his shield, Linus unleashed one of the magical charges at close range, causing, Ravens shield to explode and blasting him into the air, leaving him winded and disoriented. He was currently trying to get his senses back together when he heard a cry from Rebecca and it all came rushing back. He quickly turned his head upwards and saw what Rebecca was warning him of, Linus, leaping through the air, sword aimed towards the ground in an attempt to impale Raven on the marble floor.

Raven, thanks to the advanced warning, was able to dodge the ferocious attack with a backwards roll, leaving Linus' sword rammed up to the hilt into the ground. Raven then ended the fight with a strong thrust to the heart that killed Linus instantly, and decided to use the magical shield to replace his own. As he turned around and walked towards Rebecca and Lowen, whose faces were filled with relief at his safety, he decided that he was glad he had abandoned his thoughts of revenge. The pursuit of vengeance had created Linus, who was willing to harm his allies in his blinded rage, and Raven knew now that he did not want to fall down that same slope.

Turns Taken: 10.

Up Next: Class changed Hector gets his time to shine in The Berserker!


Great description of Raven vs. Linus! Glad to see he's gotten over his revenge idea. That Raven/Rebecca/Lowen trio is really working out well for you, isn't it?

I hadn't known before that Linus/Lloyd address the one who defeated their brother differently, interesting.

So what about Vaida and her wyverns? Hector dealt with them all? I haven't played it yet, but I remember last time he didn't have enough strength to beat them quickly. ...Or is it not a rout chapter like I thought? That would certainly change my strategy...
montagohalcyon 10th Aug 11
Raven/Lowen/Rebecca is really awesome, since Raven gets the evade boost he needs to help makeup for his crap res and luck, and Lowen and Rebecca geta little boost to strength and crit chance to help them kill stuff.

As for Linus, he doesn't actually say anything different to the person who killed their brother, Linus just makes that accusation to anyone. It's only kinda true anyways, since technically, Limstella kills the brother.

I can't remember the actual win condition, though I think it was rout, but I just left Hector there since Vaida doesn't show up if you kill her previously. Killing them quickly wasn't an issue, since my Hector capped strength in first tier, and was fast enough to double them with an Iron axe.
Alfric 10th Aug 11