Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Looks like the Black Fang should have kept an Aion some key variables...

Chapter 19x - Prisoner of Magic: Finished.

Hector: Stuck with the main group (everyone except Raven) as they went around the mountain pass, but stayed back a bit so that others could get most of the kills. He took out a few knights, but that's about it.

Lowen: Took out the boss, and a vast majority of his mages and knights, and soaked up a lot of experience. He eventually reached level 20, and since I have a Knights Crest back at the base, I can now promote him!

Rebecca: Shot a bunch of mages, while staying near Lowen for cover. Currently trying to build up her support level with him, but it is going to take a while.

Dorcas: Fought some mages, and a brigand, but didn't do much else. He is nearing level 20 though, so he will be able to promote soon.

Raven: He stayed near the top of the map to take down the Axereaver pegasi unit that was going to try to sneak around and attack us from behind. He then headed south to visit the temple at the bottom of the map, and gained a helpful Goddess Icon, which he will make use of at the base.

Kishuna: Appeared halfway through, and was the "key variable" mentioned in the title. He is a specially made magical seal, which exudes a field of energy that disrupts and disables all magic within his range. Aion had originally planned on using his large army of mages to blast us, and to use his Bolting tome to snipe us from a distance, but Kishunas appearance completely disrupted his plan and prevented a very dangerous situation. He will show up at least one more time in a future chapter, but for now he is not a threat, and is practically a boon to us. I left him alone since he wasn't hurting anyone, and it would have taken too long.

Turns Taken: 9.

Up Next: The Dragons Gate...


I'm enjoying your punny titles. :)
montagohalcyon 23rd Jul 11
Thank you! Honestly, half the fun of making the entry is coming up with a title that is either punny or cool sounding.
Alfric 23rd Jul 11