Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


The Angel of Death claims the Perfect Being.

Chapter 28x - Night of Farewells: Finished.

Hector: Stayed back to defend Nino, Florina, and Fiora from the incoming flying reinforcements, as well as dodging a few bolting shots from a mage. He intercepted the pegasi as they flew in, taking them out with a hand axe, and he then waited on a certain space for a good amount of turns, tearing apart the wyverns and pirate who attacked him. He then quickly ran onto the path leading to the platform that Nino, Florina and Fiora were on (they were covering the spaces where some rather annoying reinforcements would spawn) and the floor sank out from beneath him. Luckily he was next to the now rather remote platform, so he quickly climbed up and staved off some incoming pirates. He seized the throne later, but didn't do much else.

Lowen, Rebecca, Raven, Dorcas & Jaffar: They all headed throughout the labyrinthine paths, slowly advancing after decimating the enemies in each area they headed towards and being fired upon by various ranged attackers, including Sonia. Lowen and Rebecca had to eventually head backwards, Rebecca shooting people with the Ballista, while Lowen distracted some of the pirates that were gunning for Hector. The rest of them headed south, Raven getting put to sleep by a Druid along the way, leaving Dorcas and Jaffar to cut through the hordes of guards that Sonia had. Eventually, they finished them all off, and Jaffar pushed through a wyvern knight towards Sonia. He then fought her, getting hit twice by Fimbulvetr, healing it off, and eventually critting her for the kill, but sadly no silencer. Lowen and Raven also boosted their support level with Rebecca to B rank.

Matthew: Stole an angelic robe from a bishop, who then got hand axed by Raven, and stole all of the treasures inside of the place. This is the last chapter that I'm going to need him in, so I figured I'd let him have some fun.

Nino, Florina & Fiora: Spent most of the level guarding some stairs and preventing some pegasi reinforcements from showing up. Eventually Nino ran over and started a support with Jaffar to give him a bit more oomph when he fought Sonia.

VS Sonia, Queen of the Four Fangs: Jaffar walked down the hallway, Nino at his side, and stepped forward to face Sonia. Upon seeing him, she launched into a storm of verbal abuse, aimed at both him and Nino. Once she had finished her tirade, Jaffar stepped forward to face her, replying far more curtly, with only three words. Here I come. he had said, before charging forward, blade in hand, preparing to tear her throat out. It appeared that she was faster than he thought, because she quickly pulled back from the strike, and fired off a Fimbulvetr spell. Jaffar mostly avoided the spears of ice, but one of them caught him on his off arm. He charged forward again, this time feinting to the front, but appearing at the side, slicing a deep gash into Sonia's arm.

Sonia retaliated, and the frigid blast tore forward, striking one of Jaffar's legs and tearing into his cape as he jumped over it. He then dove towards Sonia, attempting to drive his blade through her skull, but only catching her cheek, as she maneuvered out of the way. His follow-up strike however, connected with the inside of her knee, limiting her movement. She tried to catch him in another blast of ice and wind, but he dove out of the way, and downed an Elixir to heal his wounds. The hole in her leg restricting her movements, Jaffar easily finished her off, driving his Killing Edge into her stomach, and ripping to the left before removing the blade, leaving Sonia to bleed to death on the floor of the temple, as Hector came to claim the throne.

Turns Taken: 130, but it doesn't matter, since this levels turn count is ignored.

Up Next: Cog of Destiny, and the duel with Linus...


How did you deal with the Berserk bishop?
montagohalcyon 10th Aug 11
I can't quite remember, now that I think about it. I think I lured him in with Lowen or something, and then had Raven hand axe him, but I'm not really sure.
Alfric 10th Aug 11