Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


The Raven duels with The Soaring Hawk

Chapter 19 - The Dread Isle: Finished.

Hector: Defended Merlinus from pirates, and took out the people on the small center island. He didn't do much since he can't gain any more levels for now.

Lowen: Traveled down the eastern path with Rebecca. He mostly acted as a wall towards the countless nomads who attacked us, but he was unable to stop the pegasi units. He used his javelin quite a bit due to the large amount of ranged foes, and slowly but surely, he and Rebecca pushed their way through the eastern path, and headed south towards Uhai.

Rebecca: Gave Lowen ranged cover, and took down a lot of the pegasi who attacked her. She stuck close to Lowen for protection (sadly the support didn't appear), and shot at some of the nomads who kept hounding them. They eventually reached the eastern forest and trudged their way through them, in the direction of the enemy commander.

Dorcas: Traveled with Raven down the southern path, he got into quite a few fights, and the forest disrupted him quite a bit due to all of the sword wielding cavaliers running around. He did defeat a large number of units however, and was very helpful as the duo headed southeast towards the Soaring Hawks nest.

Raven: I'd had him bring a Killing Edge, Longsword, and Lancereaver to defend himself since he was still rather low leveled, but he didn't have too much trouble even when using only his iron sword. He was the one who fought with Uhai, and it was a hard battle. Due to the fog, he stepped too close to Uhai, and was longbow'd for a decent chunk of damage. He equipped his Killing Edge, and stepped forward, out of the woods and struck. One of his two hits connected, and he couldn't be countered due to Uhai having the bow equipped, but the second phase of the fight came on the enemy phase. Uhai unsheathed his own Killing Edge, and the two fought. Uhai stuck Raven a painful blow, but it wasn't a critical hit, so Raven survived. Raven then struck, connecting with the first of his two attacks, and finally getting a critical, clipping the wings of the Soaring Hawk, and gaining the information we needed to reach the Dragons Gate!

Turns Taken: 11.

Up Next: Chapter 19x, where we shall meet a rather enigmatic figure...


If you're curious about how long supports will take, look here. Either of Rebecca's will take about 40 turns per support level.

Sadly, I don't think Hector/Farina or Guy/Louise are going to happen in my game, at least not to A-rank...Hector/Lyn might though; it grows 3x as fast.
montagohalcyon 22nd Jul 11
Indeed. I visit Serenes Forest plenty, but that was helpful in letting me gauge when I'll actually be able to get them started.

Course, I decide to support them with some of their slowest partners. That'll take a while.
Alfric 23rd Jul 11