Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


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Ugh. This chapter was annoying.

Chapter 22 - Kinships Bond: Finished.

This chapter has a little gimmick: That gimmick is that all the enemies who wield melee weapons, wield Reaving weapons, which reverse the weapon triangle, and just generally messes with the player.

Everyone: Started off by heading southwards towards the main exit area.

Hector: Started higher up than the others, so he took longer to make his way down. He reached the exit, and then took a left, heading up the staircase that Lowen was defending and recruited Heath. He then took over that area and cut up any of the reinforcements who came. He criticalled the first three people he fought, hit an Axereaver wielding wyvern knight twice with only a 53 hit chance, and then just generally slaughtered all of the mooks. Probably making up for missing action on most of the recent chapters.

Lowen: Quickly ran down and took over the western staircase to prevent a few groups of dangerous foes from getting in. He held them off with his lance, and hand axed the thief that was trying to take the treasure. After Hector took over, he headed down the center path to assist Rebecca, and took out the majority of the units down there. He then tanked a good deal of Eubans' attacks for a while.

Rebecca: Shot all of the mages who appeared at the start, and took a good bit of damage. She made good use of her longbow to allow her to stay out of harms way most of the time though. When Lowen showed up, she gave him some support fire while he took out the sturdier foes. She took a couple potshots at Eubans, and she was able to reach level 20!

Dorcas: Headed east earlier than Raven, when he noticed some fighters trying to break in through the wall. He hand axed the first one while the second broke the wall, and he got pretty badly hurt by some Axereaver wyvern knights, and would have had to retreat had one not gone for Raven, NPC Rath not taken the other out with a crit. Dorcas then ran through, and since he was level 20 from the fight with the wyverns, he used the Hero Crest I gave him to class change. He then went out the eastmost exit and turned south towards Eubans, whom he faced in single combat and defeated, whit only one hp left to spare thanks to his previous wounds.

Raven: Took the eastern staircase, and fought off an axereaver wyvern, numerous nomads, and a couple of cavaliers. He pushed through them and turned south, down the hallway leading towards the southmost staircase. Once there, he took care of some of the reinforcements that came out, enjoying the experience.

Turns Taken: 9.

Up Next: Living Legend, an equally annoying chapter, but for a different reason...