Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Hector just went Sealen Clubbing!

Chapter 15 - Talons Alight: Finished.

Hector: Just as deadly as before, he stomped all over anyone who fought him. I sent him, along with Rebecca, towards the door to the North-East to hunt down Sealen. Hector Hand Axed the mage, and softened up the merc for Rebecca to kill. After Marcus baited Sealen and his nomad lackey, Hector chopped the lackey, and Sealen went after Rebecca with the Longbow. Hector then clubbed him with the Wolf Beil, and the leader was down on turn 4.

Lowen: Started near the eastern door by Marcus, and he javelin'd the nearby knight. An archer tried to shoot him, but he just countered with the javelin, missing once, and then on my phase he finished off the knight. Next he headed south, towards the entrance, to take out the swordsman with his lance. He first had to stab a mage, which set him up in just the right spot to easily stop the merc and myrm, taking no damage from any of their strikes.

Rebecca: Went with Hector, and took out the merc that hector weakened, and didn't get any fights aside from that, and getting shot at by Sealen. I really need to use her more.

Dorcas: Headed south towards the soldiers and took them both out, then went in to kill the archer and thief. After taking care of the archer, and allowing Marcus to kill the thief, he headed back to the start to stop the fighter who was trying to break in.

Marcus: Baited Sealen for Hector to kill, and then stabbed the thief. He is also kicked out of the group now.

Matthew: Snagged the Silver Axe and the (thoroughly useless) Mend staff.

Turns Taken: 7 (would have been 8, but I killed all the enemies).

Up Next: Noble Lady of Caelin!


Does the game not count an extra turn if all enemies are dead, or if you killed the boss on the final turn? I thought it was the latter, but maybe I'm wrong.

Oh well, if my turncounts on defense chapters are wrong I'll check the epilogue...
montagohalcyon 20th Jul 11
I'm not sure about the latter, but I killed everyone by turn 5 or 6, so I had a few spare turns. I don't think I got 8 simply because it didn't reenter my turn like it usually does when it ends with enemies on the field, simply ending when I hit End on turn 7. I ay be wrong though.
Alfric 21st Jul 11