Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


This chapter let me relieve a lot of Pent up frustration.

Chapter 23 - Living Legend: Finished.

Hector: Did nothing but recruit Hawkeye. This is going to be sort of a trend throughout the level, as no one could do much aside from kill nearby people, so this entry is going to be short.

Lowen: Went north with Raven to kill the mooks, and assisted him in making short work of them by turn 4.

Rebecca: Did the most out of all of my units this chapter, and is now a Sniper! She made use of her 3 space movement and shot at a bunch of people who couldn't reach her, allowing her to take out a lot of enemies. She headed west to get rid of anyone near the buried treasure, and took out most of the reinforcements who showed up.

Dorcas: Followed Rebecca, and took out people that got in her way. Got all of three kills in the whole chapter.

Raven: Took out the majority of the enemies in the northern area, and got a good bit of the way towards level 20. Hopefully he'll reach it next chapter.

Fiora & Legault: Fiora ferried Legault around the desert to assist him in getting the treasures that I wanted. They got the Body Ring, Ocean Seal, and Light Brand before Pent killed the final enemy.

NPC!Pent: Did the most work out of anyone in this chapter. He ran around and just blasted the ever loving crap out of any of the various enemies who attacked him, whether they were mages, fliers, or the bosses. Paul and Jasmine decided it'd be a good idea to attack the man who had summoned pillars of fire to consume the vast majority of their soldiers. It ended about as well as one could expect.

Turn Taken: 8, due to letting Pent kill most everything.

Up Next: Resting up in Pherae before we go to Bern.