Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


The Less-than-Noble Lady of Caelin

Chapter 16 - Noble Lady Of Caelin: Finished.

NOTE 1: Since starting with this chapter, the chapters are going to start getting larger and more complicated, I'm going to be going into a bit less detail with all of the character stuff. I'll tell where the character went and generally what they did, but I won't be pointing out many specifics.

NOTE 2: Marcus, as of this chapter, is considered undrafted and cannot be used anymore.

Hector: First headed southwards with the rest of the group to go help Lyn and pals, he chopped up a few people, and when Lowen headed southwards to intercept the mercs, He lead the charge with Dorcas and Rebecca eastward towards Bauker. He sliced through most everyone in his path, and after Lowen joined and Dorcas left to await the reinforcements, he went to face Bauker. The fight was surprisingly difficult, Bauker showing how he got his reputation when he dodged two otherwise fatal 85 hit chance Wolf Beil strikes and stuck Hector in return. The third strike connected and he was finished, but Hector was left quite a bit worse for wear.

Lowen: Went south to intercept the mercs that were going to attack Lyn, and first stabbed one of the two who were waiting near the start. After he took them all out, he visited the southern village, and fought off the bandits which had spawned nearby. He then headed northeast, towards Hector and Rebecca, and helped them reach the castle.

Rebecca: Shot down a few of the people near the start while staying with Hector for cover. She followed him through the woods towards the castle, giving him cover alongside Dorcas and helping him push through the droves of foes. After Lowen rejoined them and Dorcas left, they had reached the castle and she took out a mage who was giving Hector some trouble.

Dorcas: Started off heading towards the village near the starting point, and taking out a peg knight and a merc in the process. After visiting the village, he joined Hector and Rebecca in the forest and helped take care of some of the mooks Bauker sent after them. A few turns later, he backtracked towards the start of the map and waited for the ambush that a few cavaliers had set up for Merlinus. He took out the ones who appeared before Hector seized the gate.

Lyn and Pals: Hid in a corner the whole time, thus the title.

Turns Taken: 12

Up Next: Whereabouts Unknown, and another drafted unit!