Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


All Wired Up!

Chapter 11 - Another Journey: Finished.

Hector: I had him rush through the door that Matthew opened and then take out the first soldier in sight with his Hand Axe. Afterwards, an archer shot him for a couple damage, but he finished him off next turn. A soldier and an archer tried to team up on him, but Hector was out of reach and was able to take both of them out in much the same way he took out the first ones he saw. Hector advanced and faced down a knight, but his Wolf Beil ax, with its combat bonuses against armored and mounted units allowed him to finish him off in one round, though he did get a hit on Hector. I then had him heal on his way to Wire and took out the weirdly named assassin in 2 rounds, though Hector got hit twice himself. He leveled up thrice in this chapter. His current stats are: 22 hp, 9 str, 5 skill, 6 spd, 4 luck, 9 def, and 0 res.

Matthew: He opened the door for Hector and then as Hector slaughtered the assassins, he helped himself to the Red Gem in the lone treasure chest.

Turns taken: 8.

Up Next: Birds of a Feather, and three more main team units!


Hmm, maybe I should have went with the southern route after all. It took about the same amount of turns, plus you get more levels from combat.

Ah well, with so few characters my Hector's probably going to hit level 20 way before promotion anyways.
Barrylocke 11th Jul 11