Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Lowen steals Jermes heart.

I was originally going to use a "Jermeophobe" pun, but I couldn't think of how to make it work, and this title is more relevant.

Chapter 27 - Pale Flower of Darkness: Finished.

Hector: Proved he was still a fierce fighter as he faced off against many different foes throughout the chapter. He started off taking out a knight and advancing with the main group through the small entrance to the compound, and headed east with Raven towards the bottom turn. He recruited Karel, and then took out a wing of pegasi and opened the door to the lower right room, facing and defeating two mercs and a hero.

Raven: He stayed in the same path as Hector, and using a key he took from an enemy, he opened the door to the center building, allowing Matt to claim the treasure. He continued on the path, taking out a few nomads and wyverns before making the turn. He then had Matt open the door to the left building, and went in to face a General, and two oncoming knights, who happened to be the last enemies on the map. He took them out, preventing me from getting the final treasure, since the knight blockaded the path and was a threat to Matt.

Dorcas: Took out the warrior and fighters in the nearest building after Matt opened the door, and claimed the key dropped by the warrior. He then intercepted the bandits heading down the hills, and shot the archers, leaving the northwestern door undefended. He opened it with the key, and was greeted by a group of archers and snipers, whom he faced with bow in hand. He defeated them, and took a ring of chest keys, which he used to open the chest at the far end of the room.

Rebecca & Lowen: Rebecca earned a C support with Raven before the group split up, and Lowen eventually stole a door key from an enemy. They headed for the northeastern room, which contained Jerme, and fought off hoards of nomads, a group of cavaliers led by a paladin, and quite a few flying units of both types before they had reached the door. Rebecca had to fight off some nomad reinforcements, while Lowen faced Jerme, dodging all of his attacks, hitting him twice with 70s, and then scoring a 1% crit on him!

VS The Death Kite, Jerme: Lowen used the key he had picked up from one of the higher ranked guards to open the door leading to the room that Nils had told them housed that creepy assassin. He was chosen to go face him since he had shown that he had quite good luck, and wielded Lances which would counter his swords. He was now glad that the pace Lyn set as she tracked the troops prevented him from eating breakfast this morning, because upon opening the door and seeing the blood smeared on the floor, walls and ceiling (how you killed someone so that they bled upon the ceiling he did not want to know), and smelling the rotting flesh that littered the floor, he knew he would have vomited, which isn't the most advisable tactical decision. He steeled his nerves and readied his iron lance.

Jerme looked at him with disdain, muttering something about Lowen having poor skin, and he gave the signal for the two myrmidons to attack him. He dispatched them quickly enough, and Jerme walked over after making a quick glance behind Lowen, a manic grin sliding onto his face. With a flick of the wrist, he had unsheathed his golden sword (which Lowen recognized as the "Light Brand" Raven had told them about in his duel with Lloyd) and unleashed one of the magical charges at the paladin. Lowen reared his horse, and dodged the blast of light, quickly switching to his javelin. He then rushed the deranged killer, striking him a glancing blow in the left shoulder and a solid gash in his right arm, while dodging the swift counterattack Jerme had launched. For some reason, Jerme circled him, and made his way towards the stairs.

Lowen was wary of the odd movement, and just noticed what it was that Jerme had seen behind Lowen that had filled him with almost childish glee... Rebecca, currently fighting off some nomads, and oblivious to the maniac who was approaching. Lowen remembered the mans comment towards Lyn when he had first appeared, and he resolved to end this fight before Rebecca got thrown into it. He followed the man, and noticed an almost minuscule flaw in his stance. Jerme, due to the focus on reaching Rebecca, and the gash in his arm, was favoring his right side, and stepping lightly so as not to worsen the wound. What the man didn't seem to notice was that it threw off his balance, leaving a very important spot on the left side of the chest vulnerable. Lowen pulled back, and with strength he didn't know he had, threw the Javelin with all his might at the weak spot that Jerme noticed a moment too soon, leaving the man impaled into the hard, rocky soil, killed instantly.

Turns Taken: 12.

Up Next: Battle before Dawn.


I never considered that room Jerme's in might be his slaughterhouse...creepy.

Brave Sir Lowen, protecting Rebecca...I like how they keep teaming up on bosses. Amazing how he got that 1% critical when he hadn't eaten breakfast like he chides Eliwood about.

I had the same problem getting that last treasure with Matthew. I think it's just a Hero Crest though.

What are Dorcas' stats? I'm curious how he compares to Bartre. I've never really tried using Warriors as bowmen before; it's surprisingly effective. Two secret books + massive CON mean he can hit as accurately as a sniper but much harder (steel bow), or alternatively critical everything with a short bow.
montagohalcyon 5th Aug 11
Currently my Dorcas is at level 17 (with 99 exp grr), and his stats are 60 hp, 23 str, 25 skill, 17 speed, 15 luck, 13 def, and 8 res. He isn't doing too badly, but he seems to have been screwed in strength and speed a bit. His skill is where I think it should be or better though, and he hasn't even used any secret books, if I remember correctly.

And about the teaming up one him, I decided to use that weird "enemy circles your unit before attacking them" thing, since it happened to work out that way. The 1% critical was hilarious though, as it came out of nowhere and destroyed what little was left of Jermes health.
Alfric 6th Aug 11