Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


There's not a Damien you don't get in a fight, is there Black Fang?

Chapter 17x - Port of Badon: Finished.

Hector & Dorcas: Took the path between the middle and bottom row of houses, Dorcas visited the house containing a devil axe, and Hector went to face Damien, the Black Fang member sent after Eliwood. Fargus, apparently not knowing of the assassins, thought he was advancing on him, and also let loose his main group of pirates. Hector cut down Damien, taking a weak slice and a bit of damage in return, but immediately following the fall of the assassin, all of Fargus' men were bearing down on him, and he, Dorcas, Lowen and Rebecca, had to fight their way through a stream of pirates, and Damien's leftover soldiers. Hector came out with only 2 hp left thanks to a mage that slipped through and blasted him, while Dorcas didn't get hurt too badly, since he killed the pirate with the devil axe and the halberd. Hector, covered in blood (most of it belonging to someone else) and exhausted, trudged up to Fargus and won the game.

Lowen & Rebecca: Took the path between the topmost row of houses and the middle row, visiting the nearby house which held Canas, and they both waited until Hector triggered the main group of pirates, and then attacked them to support Hector and Dorcas. Lowen, sword in hand, took down the killer axe pirate, while Rebecca shot the killer bow archer and the nomad from Damiens' group. Lowen then visited all of the nearby houses, gaining a useful short bow, and a somewhat less useful sleep staff.

Raven: Took the directly northern path, to take out the side group of weaker pirates, since he wasn't yet strong enough to face the main group. He took them all out and eventually reached the house with the Lancereaver in it, which will prove useful later, I'm sure. He's catching up to the rest of the party, but he still has a ways to go.

Turns Taken: 7.

Up next: Pirate ship, and another attack by the Black Fang!


I guess an extra person makes a big took one less turn than me AND got all the items.

I wonder if you'll manage to get the Lowen/Rebecca or Raven/Rebecca supports naturally.
montagohalcyon 22nd Jul 11
I'm trying to get them, but the supports in this game are so damn slow. I just do my best to keep Rebecca next to either of the two, and hope it pops up eventually.
Alfric 22nd Jul 11