Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Those who matter...

I'm using the WMG that Kishuna is the morph of Renaults friend, just so you guys know.

Chapter 32x - The Value of Life: Finished.

Hector: Got warped over the little wall by Renault, so that he could deal with all of Kishunas main guards. He took down a general and stole the key he was carrying, unlocking the door to Kishunas room. He was then assailed by many reinforcements, but slowly pushed his way through, eventually reaching Kishuna and slicing him, before Rebecca came to finish him off with a quick crit.

Lowen, Rebecca & Raven: Headed down the main path, and took care of the various enemies. They all did their share of work when dealing with the numerous generals, snipers and other such foes. As they ran through, they reached Kishunas room, Lowen and Raven killing some reinforcements to give Rebecca room to finished the fight with a crit.

Renault: Warped Hector past the wall, and in front of the door to Kishunas room. He then waited with Merlinus at the start since he couldn't continue forward and assist the others. He fought off some generals who spawned, and eventually reached level 20 after some Physic assistance to the others.

VS Kishuna, Bringer of Silence: Rebecca was confused as to why Renault wished to join them, considering he couldn't fight in the weird field that was engulfing the area. He had simply told them to end this fight quickly, and then warped Hector over the wall. She then left to go around the room with Lowen and Raven. The group had eventually reached the large door, and saw Hector fighting off some snipers and generals. Lowen and Raven charged in to help him, while Rebecca saw who Hector was trying to reach.

A sickly looking, heavily robed figure stood in front of the throne, looking as though he would topple at any moment from the weight of his clothing alone. Due to his many robes, Rebecca couldn't see much of him, aside from a small bit of his face, including his nose and mouth. Rebecca remembered seeing him once, when they had fought that Black Fang sage, and this field appeared suddenly and stopped all magic at the time. Rebecca readied an arrow, and as she released it, the man... smiled, despite the arrow about to strike him in the heart. She remembered Renaults words, and despite the field of sorrow the man created being lifted, she couldn't help but feel an odd sense of pity and sympathy for the strange, quiet man.

Turns Taken: 8, since I ignored the treasures, which I didn't want in the first place.

Up Next: Light, and the final battle with Nergal!