Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Endgame - Light, part 3

Final Chapter - Light, part 2: Finished.

So, the Dragon fight was about as straight forward as the Nergal fight, although everyone was actually able to attack it in this case. After this fight, there will be an Epilogue section, where I will give my final thoughts on each of the characters, their Battles, Wins, Loses info, and the final turn count total. This chapter took me 3 turns, by the way.

VS Dragon: As everyone crested the top of the large staircase, they all saw the very thing they were trying to prevent. Three dragons had made it through the gate, and despite Athos' attempts, they were too strong for him in his elderly state. Bramimonds revival of Ninian and her attempt to calm the dragons however, appeared successful, at least mostly. Two of the dragons had been calmed, but one of them still remained, and it needed to be stopped!

Everyone equipped their strongest weapons and knew what they had to do. They knew the only one with a weapon that could truly wound the dragon was Hector, as Athos was too weak to fight, and could only give the group support with the Fortify staff. After Eliwood and Lyn led Nils to a safe area, Hector ran forward, alongside all of his allies, and the fight began.

The fight seemed to go in slow motion for Hector. He ran as quickly as he could towards the dragon, and yet so much happened and he was aware of it all. Dorcas sliding into place beside him and forcing back the enormous claw of the dragon, An arrow from Rebecca whistling past and striking the beast in the eye, Lowen and Raven charging forward and slicing and stabbing at the dragons head, diverting its attention to them, Renault blinding the creature with blasts of light, allowing them to escape the sea of flames that it spewed, and Jaffar, who appeared beneath the beast after the blast to ram his blades into its lower jaw. They were all fighting to weaken the dragon as much as they could, and to allow him to get close enough to finish this, once and for all. As he readied his strike, slamming Armads into the ground with a crash much like thunder, he felt the power of the weapon in his hands, as though the very might of a storm was in his grasp. He leaped high into the air, above the dragons head, and like a bolt of lightning, he struck. Armads crackled with power, and he fell upon the beast, rending straight through its skull. The dragon had fallen, and Hector had finally put an end to all of the evils that Nergal had caused.

Up Next: Epilogue, and all of the fun stuff that comes with it, including my final turn count!