Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Sonia's Pet Crow hunts for the Angel of Death!

Chapter 28 - Battle Before Dawn: Finished.

Hector, Raven & Dorcas: Headed down the right path, and took out most of the people who guarded the door. Raven opened the door using a key nabbed from one of the enemies, and Dorcas ran through while Hector held off a hero who had survived their initial charge. Hector dispatched him quickly enough and ran to rejoin the group, Raven having cleared through the enemies to the left, while Dorcas took care of the ones to the south. They all headed down the southern path, Dorcas taking the lead and bypassing the stairs, while Hector and Raven headed up them to meet with Nino. Hector spoke with her, and she joined us, while Raven went to protect Zephiel. Dorcas was meanwhile taking care of Ursula, and finished her off easily enough, allowing the others to continue without any fear of bolting strikes. Hector went to check on Zephiel, leaving Raven and Dorcas to clean up the remaining soldiers on the right side of the map.

Rebecca & Lowen: They took the left path, Lowen opening the door with a spare key Merlinus had kept, and Rebecca followed closely behind. Lowen rushed forward after Rebecca told him that the coast was clear, and equipped his javelin to dispatch a group of mages who attacked him. He then ran south and equipped his steel axe to face down Maxine (who won't get a VS section, by the by), and Rebecca ran to catch up to him. They then teamed up and took down the group of thieves, and Rebecca claimed the treasure that they would've taken using a chest key, which Merlinus had also held onto. Lowen meanwhile went to assist Jaffar and save Zephiel, taking out a merc who would have otherwise reached him. He and Rebecca finished off the last remaining enemies.

Matthew: Went with Hectors group and stole the treasures on the right side.

VS Blue Crow Ursula: Dorcas ran down the dark hallway, leading the way for Raven and Hector, when the trio sensed a spell forming above them. The bolting spell struck, painfully electrifying Dorcas, but not killing him. He knew the only place someone would have seen him before the others was at the end of the hall, so he told the others to go up the stairs, while he went to face the mage who was attacking them.

Dorcas continued forward after drinking an elixir, seeing only a faint outline of what looked to be a horse and rider, before being assailed by some mercenaries, whom he dispatched after getting cut in the left shoulder and leg. He heard a decidedly arrogant female voice echo down the otherwise empty halls. Tell me... Are you afraid to die? She had asked, before another lightning strike came down on Dorcas, who was unable to dodge due to the leg wound.

Dorcas moved as quickly as possible, advancing until a blue clad Valkyrie stood before him, staring him down with a cold glare. Dorcas, despite the pain in his leg, leaped forward and brought his axe down on the surprised sorcerer with all his strength. She was dragged from her mount by the force of the blow, and hit the ground, dead from the enormous gash in her chest. Dorcas turned down the hallway, contemplating her question now that he had a moment. No, I am not, he thought, as he rejoined his allies, who had finished the remaining forces.

Turns Taken: 16, since despite killing everything (still not sure if that works or not) there was still Jaffar, an NPC whom may have had the same effect as a remaining enemy.

Up Next: Night of Farewells, where I shall finally gain my next party member!


I'm impressed at your bravery in sending Dorcas to fight sword-users and a magic-using boss. Farina with the talisman and pure water boosting her res still took 7 damage per shot!
montagohalcyon 10th Aug 11
I had used the Talisman on Dorcas before the chapters start to give him a bit of a buff, but I planned ahead and gave him an Elixir, knowing that he would probably get cut, but also knowing his 55+ hp and his decent evasion skills would let him live long enough to heal.
Alfric 10th Aug 11