Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Interlude: Dread Isle.

Since a big part of the game is coming up, I'm going to be providing some helpful information that some people may be interested in.

Hector: Currently doing quite well, and I have high hopes for him in the future. His strength and defense in particular are massive, and his speed, skill and hp aren't anything to scoff at either.

level 20: 35 hp, 20 str, 16 skill, 14 spd, 7 luck, 17 def, 3 res.

Rebecca: Not too bad. She is very fast and accurate, but her strength is rather low, and she's fragile due to low hp, defense, and resilience. I plan on giving her any Energy Rings I get.

level 12: 23 hp, 7 str, 13 skill, 14 spd, 8 luck, 7 def, 3 res.

Lowen: Doing quite well, he has some decent strength, and his hp, speed, luck and defense are all good. His skill is lagging a bit, though Canas' Secret Book helped it a bit.

Level 16: 35 hp, 11 str, 8 skill, 15 spd, 15 luck, 15 def, 3 res.

Dorcas: Started off shakily, but has turned into a powerful member of the team. His strength is quite nice, his skill is surprisingly good for a fighter, and a speedwing buffed his somewhat low speed to passable levels.

Level 15: 39 hp, 13 str, 12 skill, 11 spd, 7 luck, 6 def, 1 res.

Raven: Despite his comparatively low level, he is still a very competent and fearsome fighter, and is doing quite well in strength, skill and especially speed. His Luck is really low, which does seem worrisome, but hopefully a few Goddess Icons will help when I get some.

Level 9: 29 hp, 10 str, 14 skill, 16 spd, 2 luck, 7 def, 1 res.

Something I've also noticed is that no one in my party has a Resilience stat above three, which is bad because many of the higher tier foes are mages. This is worrisome, but hopefully some of them will gain some more resilience before that point.

Aside from that, the next chapter I have to face is The Dread Isle, and not only that, but to get the Gaiden chapter, I have to complete it in 15 turns or less!


My team currently has resiliences of 0 (Lyn), 1 (Hector and Bartre), and 4 (Guy). I agree, it's frightening...
montagohalcyon 22nd Jul 11