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Apr 1st 2019 at 8:52:47 PM •••

Anyone think that this index should have a cleanup thread?

Aug 29th 2012 at 7:55:02 PM •••

Hypocrite: Pretending to have beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually have.

I'm not so sure that hypocrisy is so much "pretending" to have beliefs or standards, so much as having beliefs, opinions, etc. that only apply to themselves/others. It's more or less "what's good for you isn't good for me". For instance, someone who hates people who lie...and who also tells lies constantly to others. They may truly believe that lying is wrong...unless they tell one, because they have a really, really good reason for doing it - they just had to, to protect whoever was lied to, that one time a rubber duck almost cost them their career...never mind that similar things could've been the cause for other people to tell lies. I'd almost say it's like a Double Standard*

as part of your personal ethics code.

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Oct 30th 2011 at 11:21:33 AM •••

Okay, I'm looking at this index and I kind of wonder about a few of the tropes listed:

I'm not saying these aren't (or can't be) faults, but, by the same token, why aren't tropes like Consummate Liar and such listed as well? (I believe the one I just mentioned is basically having a talent for lying). I don't mean to sound all preachy, but there are some Unfortunate Implications in not listing a knack for lying is a flaw. It's like being a professional thief (to a lesser extent, as not All Crimes Are Equal). Sure, it's a gift, but not exactly a "good" gift. Do you think we could look into adding to the main page?

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Oct 30th 2011 at 11:56:45 AM •••

I definitely agree that Consummate Liar should be on the list.

After making this index I realized that whether or not a Characterization Tropes is a flaw depends entirely on how it is played in any given work. Even the most beloved virtues can be played as a flaw/weakness if a character displays them at the wrong times. Therefore I think that this index should list all tropes that are often truly played as character flaws and leave each troper to judge how the trope is actually played with in the work it appears.

Being a good liar and taking advantage of it is usually depicted as being a bad thing, so I think it belongs on the page.

Feb 11th 2012 at 2:41:52 PM •••

Some others too, like Bizarre Taste in Food, Deaf Composer and other such things, which are more like quirks than "flaws". I think we can keep Deadpan Snarker up there though.

Or we could try making sub-categories, for things like (as you said) things that aren't inherently flaws, but are usually played as flaws. (ie: The Ingenue and Virginity Makes You Stupid).

Sep 5th 2011 at 9:23:52 AM •••

reply: Good Flaws, Bad Flaws is not an index, it's a trope. We definitely need a list like this, though I am surprised we don't have one already.

reply: I was really surprised when I did not find one too, this seemed so obvious.

reply: Fort the Mary Sues: Informed Flaw, Cursed with Awesome, So Beautiful, It's a Curse.

reply: Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!?

Edit: A quick scan through Characterization Tropes turned these up:

Brilliant, but Lazy

The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes

Guilt Complex

Innocence Virgin On Stupidity

Lack of Empathy

No Sense of Personal Space


Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?

reply: Sure, being easily distracted can have huge negative consequences.

reply: ^^ Thank you for the others as well, but I am not so sure about Innocence Virgin On Stupidity, being a virgin is not inherently a flaw, but being stupid is...


reply: Sexual deviancy as a flaw?

Then there's You Need to Get Laid for when UST starts driving a character's actions.


reply: Yandere and Yangire are not character flaws - they're characters. Their flaws are being Ax-Crazy and superficial. Similar thing goes with Stepford Smiler and Tsundere.

reply: This YKTTW is so trope-overdosed it has my hat.


reply: Thank you, added them all except Ted Baxter I already got that as Small Name, Big Ego.

reply: How do I mark a page as an index after I have published it?

reply: Go to the page and then click tools on the left side menu. The first thing that pops up is "set page type."

reply: Ok!

reply: End of markup

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