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  • Archive Panic: The YoVideogames channel has been going strong since October of 2012, and there are livestreams on Twitch almost every day of the week. Have fun catching up!
  • Base-Breaking Character: Of all the main cast, Simmons' is the most polarizing. On one hand, he is loved for being incredibly hilarious, the large amounts of Large Ham he tends to put on while also still being often insightful during less comical, more normal moments, and that he tends to do well at the games the group plays. On the other hand, he tends to be seen as unfunny for how many jokes tend to be a bit disgusting, alongside how he tends to steal the spotlight when the group plays. Also, if you like anime, Simmons' incredibly negative views towards it and constant shouting "ANIME!" can alienate viewers.
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  • Broken Base: Max has shown time and again that he's not the biggest fan of anime, and has in fact parodied weeaboos once in a blue moon on his channel. Nowhere is this more apparent than his Jump Force "Rate the Supers" episode, where half of the comment section had their nerves struck with how many references Max and his crew completely missed and the other half saying that needing to understand references to enjoy the fighting game aspect is bad game design.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Some of Simmons' jokes can be absolutely disgusting and gross, but you will still find yourself laughing at them.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Max's dog Benny, who plays Amaterasu in the show, has segments and entire videos focusing on him thanks to his fanbase. Being the resident Ridiculously Cute Critter definitely helps.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the Two Best Friends Play crew. Max even invoked comparisons between his team and the Best Friends (Max = Matt, Simmons = Pat, Kenny = Woolie, Steve = Liam, Benny = Zach).
    • Woolie and Matt revealed in a Reddit AMA that Max is one of their favorite Youtubers, and the others often mention Max in the videos.
      • Max finally appeared on the Super Best Friendcast in Episode 63, and Woolie and Matt appeared on Max's livestream on December 2, 2015.
  • Genius Bonus: In Assist Me featuring Jill, Wesker says over the phone that he has the launch codes and they are 11 15 20 11. As a date, November 15th 2011, this was the launch date for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Growing the Beard: Max's videos have noticeably become more lively following his switch to livestreaming on Twitch.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Max's reaction to the reveal of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite in December 2016 was one of sheer joy and excitement at the fact that the franchise was finally coming back. Fast forward to just over a year later, several moments where he has expressed his utter dejection over the state of the game, its wasted potential, seeming abandonment by its parent companies and the level of vitriol he'd had to deal with from both its most ardent haters and defenders when it came to speaking his mind on it can make going back to watch his original reaction video a bit disheartening.
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    • Max's BIO Freaks Boss Rage is framed as a personal quest to save the Two Best Friends Play cast from said game's sadistic difficulty. It's a little hard to watch nowadays, considering Mat and Pat's eventual falling out of their friendship and subsequent disbanding of their program three years after the video's publishing.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
    • Inverted/zig-zagged in regards to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. While Max is still somewhat critical of the game (especially its lackluster roster), he's not exactly shy about hiding his excitement for the game's release. One of his Real Talk episodes talks specifically about this, and a pinned comment from Max lampshades the fact that he knows he's going to get enormous amounts of flak for not riding the Capcom hate bandwagon/Max being a "Capcom shill"/etc. Even some of his detractors think the toxicity is a bit much. That being said, some people are annoyed that Max, despite acknowledging the flaws of the game, still considers the game his "favorite fighting game to play at the moment", especially with how much praise he tossed to games like Dragon Ball Fighterz and Injustice 2.
    • He also generally gets flak for not panning more casual-friendly gameplay options, simplified controls, and anything else the Fighting Game Community is usually openly critical of. Considering how the FGC usually is, it's probably not all that surprising that his desire to grow the FGC eventually led to hate mail for apparently "killing the FGC". Ironically, despite his efforts, he does acknowledge that most casuals only care about hitting random buttons to see "cool shit" happen and would never dare to touch a training room.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: All of Max's interactions with Benny are this after watching this video, in which Max reveals that he used to be afraid of dogs due to getting bitten in the face as a child. He overcame this fear because his wife is a dog lover.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Week Of! Harley Quinn Part Six. The very last match involves Max going up against a child playing Bane with his father coaching him. Max lets him win.
    Max: This one's for you JJ.
  • Ho Yay: There is some serious amounts of this going on between Doom and Strider, though mostly on Doom's part, which could raise a few eyebrows for a Yaoi Fangirl.
    • The EVO special suggested some stuff between Doom and Wesker going on, at least according to the comments.
    • The crew managed to find a Rule 34 picture of Max and Simmons on DeviantArt.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Doom rapping the line that he has diplomatic immunity when going up against Wesker is later used to bail him out of being convicted of crimes against humanity in court in Ultimate Assist Me.
    • During their playthrough of Injustice: Gods Among Us's story mode, the guys notice that Shazam's face greatly resembles Robbie Rotten's, much to their amusement. Later that same year (2016), the cancer diagnosis of Stefan Karl (Robbie Rotten's actor) and the GoFundMe account created to cover his treatment costs resulted in the rising popularity of the "We Are Number One" meme.
  • Memetic Badass: Hugo, because of this clip from the Oni Boss Rage. It's to the point where he was treated as The Dreaded in the Boss Rage proper, and Max offhandedly mentions having developed a fear of Hugo because of it.
  • Memetic Mutation: Say it with me now: THE FINGER LASEEEEEERS!
    • Max seems to be a fountain of these, and often says things during his lets plays of other games, such as "Take to the skies!" (used for jumping attacks), "I play fighting games!" (used when he plays non-fighting games and does some cool melee combos), and of course "Yo video games!"
    • R-R-R-R-R-RAGEQUITTER! Taken from the very first episode of The Online Warrior for Injustice: Gods Among Us when he plays Batman (in his Batman Beyond costume) and an Ares player, well, ragequits on him—just as the match is about to end in Max's favor! The fact that a bug in the netcode resulted in Max getting the loss and the Ares player getting the win instead of the other way around didn't help matters either.
    • Max's Catchphrase
    • Bananas and Sex!
    • BURD!
    • Glorious 60 FPS.
    • 21! SUCK MAH DICK!note 
    • ANIME!note 
  • Moment of Awesome: Several. But his Motivational Gameplay is filled with awesome and funny.
  • Never Live It Down: In September 2016 during a stream of For Honor, Max had a Running Gag of Calling Your Attacks by shouting out random words; unfortunately, a slip of the tongue had him accidentally combine "ninja" and "ginger" into "nigger", which he didn't even realize he'd said until a couple of minutes later when the chat pointed it out. While most people realized it was a simple mistake, there was a brief rash of haters taking it out of context to try and smear Max as racist. Obviously this affected Max pretty badly, but even worse was the fact that people who uploaded the clip to Youtube to try and smear him then turned around and demanded a "ransom" of thousands of dollars to remove it (naturally, he refused). Though it eventually died down, there are still people who cling to it as "proof" that Max is a bad person, sometimes in the stream chat (which is met with a swift ban) and sometimes on websites like Reset Era.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Max finds Double and Ms. Fortune to be absolutely horrifying
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: This is what Max ultimately felt about Ninja Gaiden Black. While he did enjoy the game's combat, once he began seeing the game's exploration and platforming elements (comparing it to Tomb Raider), his opinion on the game started to slowly dwindle. After a long slog of those two elements with the combat taking more of a backseat and the chat being unusually bossy, Max eventually gave up on the game two-thirds of the way through.
  • Signature Scene:
    • This clip has become quite the Running Gag.
    • As far as Boss Rage videos go, Max's Asura's Wrath Boss Rage is considered by many to be his masterpiece. There's also the Bio Freaks Boss Rage, which brought us the Memetic Badass that is Lord Ssapo.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The death of Max's 16 year old Xbox. After much glitchy struggling, Max finally manages to get the Xbox to play OutRun 2. As he passes a check point, there's a sudden, massive, graphical glitch that causes the road, and the whole world, to disappear and be replaced with a serene, shining whiteness that the car drifts out into. Max is lost in the whiteness for one minute and just as the game announces "Time Over", the woman in the passenger seat begins flailing one of her arms, as if she's waving goodbye. The game stops on that frame, with the woman raising her hand, and begins playing the track "Last Wave"... More than a few commenters agree that all of this was, indeed, Max's Xbox telling him farewell as only a console can and passing on to video game heaven.
    • Kenny has always been an avid fan of Eddy Gordo and he did not take it well when Tekken 7 only gave Eddy very minimum, nonsensical story content and the fact that Lucky Chloe humiliated him thoroughly in her ending sent him straight into Heroic BSoD in the middle of streaming that Steve and Max had to hug him and try to cheer him up, and Kenny did not wake up... until Max gave him a Rousing Speech on how Eddy's still playable and that should've been the greatest thing.
    • Pretty much the entirety of "What Happened? MVCI: A Case Study Of What Not To Do". It's hard not to feel bad about Max while he maintains a somber tone throughout the whole video, lamenting on what Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite could have been. To make things worse, he's clearly distraught when he talks about having to cancel Infinite-related episodes for Assist Me due to receiving death threats over his cautiously optimistic opinion of the game.

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