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  • Arc Fatigue: As of the beginning of November 2017, there have been no less than eight concurrent Awakening events. Fans have been clambering for a new Ares Realm for months, especially because after that many Awakenings, the players who were lucky enough to get a few of them - especially the coveted Halloween Colette - are eager to test them out on some of the hardest content in the game.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
  • Broken Base:
    • The game's base is badly fractured between people who prefer the Japanese version and those who prefer the Global localization. There is also a large group of Tales fans who dislike the game in all its incarnations.
    • The fact that the game heavily promotes the newer games like Zestiria and Berseria attracted the ire of several fans who derided the game as a glorified ad campaign for those games, and think that using the game that way will lead to resentment from fans of older Tales games that get ignored in favor of newer games. However, there are also others who see it as natural that Bandai would want to use the game to advertise the newer games in comparison to games that were released for older game systems.
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    • The fact that characters like Yuri and Leon tend to get more units than other characters due to Popularity Power also has the fandom split on whether or not the game could be used to garner more attention to lesser known games and characters in the franchise.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: For the Global version, expect to see several users with (Hero Killer) Barbatos as their set leader. His leader skill buffs damage by 3x when a link is pulled off with 3 or more different types. As it can also stack with another Barbatos leader's for a healthy 6x multiplier and can even stack with other boost skills, this basically means that those who earned Barbatos are sticking with him for the large majority of events, usually Soul Arenas. Even on his own, Barbatos' Active skill removes 50% of the enemy's current HP. Furthermore, Barbatos as the "Link Boost 5" passive ability which automatically adds 8 Link Capcity to the Link Gauge right at the start. Since this discourages limit-breaking him even if you have more than one, and since these passives stack on each other, you can start with 24 LC or more depending on your party setup. This also leads to another example of CGS:
    • "Link Boost Party." A common party for most skilled players has three Barbatoses along with 2 duplicate (Voice of Martel) Yggdrasills (another 6 star hero) for a lovely 40 LC, which can then go up to 64 depending on your friend's party setup if they have the same heroes as their public team as well. This basically makes almost every event a joke by hitting a tile changer character and setting off yoru desired Mystic Arte from the word go, maybe a using booster if you need one. The only drawbacks to Barbatos are any event battle that begin with a large LC Drain, and that you had to beat the Harder Than Hard Ares Realm based around him to earn him, though Ares realms get reissued anyhow.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Mikana is quite popular despite her limited role in the story.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Many people choose to ignore the localization team's translations of certain names, such as Luca Milda and Iria Animi being changed to Ruca Milda and Illia Animi respectively.
  • Game-Breaker: The Global exclusive (Hero Killer) Barbatos 6 star unit is this to a certain degree. Even if the event to obtain him is Harder Than Hard, the Global version still unintentionally gave players a god-tier unit that can be abused to make even hard events a joke. The only downside is using him as leaer is basically a blatant Glass Cannon setup.
    • His Leader Skill buffs attack by 3x when a link with 3 or more types of heroes is pulled off.
    • His Leader Skill can stack on other leader skills including another Hero Killer Barbatos on the same team for a healthy 9x multiplier.
    • It can stack on top of any potential boosters you may have raising the damage output even further.
    • His Active Skill removes 50% of the enemy's current HP, in case the booster and raised damage multiplier wasn't enough.
    • He has Link Boost 5, a passive that starts the player off with some LC right from the off. This passive can stack even on duplicates of the same character along with others, meaning the best way to get the most out of him is to not limit break him with duplicates of himself.
    • As a Bash type his HP is naturally his best stat meaking him ideal for tank strategies if you're using HP-buffing leader.
    • (Voice of Martel) Yggdrasill also counts as he not only has the same Link Boost passive but also has a Delay arte that stops the enemy by one turn. While this arte can't stack, it also hits all enemies onscreen, buying precious time should the player need it. And just like Barbatos, not limit-breaking Yggdrasill is the better idea. Combine two Yggys with three Barbatoses and any other Link Booster and you have enough LC to clear every event bar the LC Drain spamming ones.
    • Halloween Colette. The total package of an Attack, HP, and Recovery boost to 1.6x for all unit types, a potent Healing Arte, the ability to boost Slash and Spell types to 3.5x, and Link Finisher (which, if you have her Mystic Arte, makes it hit like a truck). And that's before you Awaken her, which adds a damage reduction leader skill, and a passive that boosts the chance of her healing arte activating.
  • Growing the Beard: Many felt that Zephyr and Kana's story arcs added some much needed depth to the earlier chapters, which many considered to be a stereotypical adventure cross-over story.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Lippy cares.
    • 600/800 and out. Explanation 
  • Special Effects Failure: While it is nice for them to give the Global version some usable Yggdrasill units, his audio files are lifted straight from Radiant Mythology 3 with no actual care for if they make any sense, so he'll be shouting his Japanese attack callout for Death Eater when healing someone and shouting "YGGDRASILL LASER!" when a passive ability triggers. He also only has one winquote compared to everyone else's 3.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?:
    • Many fans have complained about Sara's impractical short shorts, which look more like underwear. The fact that the creators' only reason for her outfit is by stating she just likes wearing bloomers doesn't help, and many feel like it's a weak excuse.
    • Laphicet's bathing suit outfit, specifically the Awakened portrait, was... well... poorly received. Leave it at that.

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