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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Virtually every main character falls victim to this.
    • Blu: A mere bird version of Greg Focker who is too dependent on Human tech and too weak to man up when he needs to, or a sympathetic and loving Good Father and husband who only wants to make his family happy.
    • Jewel: A loving wife and mother who only wants what's best for the family, or a nagging Control Freak who's basically a younger, female version of her dad.
      • Should Blu have even bothered staying with Jewel and the family?
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    • Roberto: Handsome and suave, yet genuinely Nice Guy who respects Blu and Jewel's relationship and is actually one of the few characters in the whole film that treats Blu well, or a Casanova Showoff who tries to wreak havoc on Blu and Jewel's marriage.
    • Eduardo: a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who only has the best interests of his family and tribe at heart, despite his aggressive behavior, or a domineering, testosterone-fueled Jerkass who likes controlling people and tries to drive Blu out of the tribe by making his life miserable.
  • Anvilicious: Save the Rainforest!!
  • Author's Saving Throw: For everyone who watched the first movie and pointed out Blu and Jewel's species was still doomed if they were the only viable breeding pair.
  • Awesome Music:
    • Now the sequel has Bruno Mars featured in it! And he really gets his chance to shine with his introduction song, "Welcome Back", a sweet sounding serenade dedicated to Jewel's return to the Amazon.
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    • With Kristin Chenoweth in the film, an awesome song is kind of to be expected. And she doesn't disappoint.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Jewel this go around. Her dad acts like one of the most blatant Obnoxious In-Laws but it's not until near the end of the movie that she finally directly stands up for Blu. This led to quite a vocal debate over whether Jewel was actually a good wife. One person even pointed out how pointless the first movie was if there was no need to repopulate blue macaws.
  • Cliché Storm: A father-in-law that deeply dislikes his new son-in-law (though he eventually warms up towards him in the end); a (kind of) ex that is suaver and better-looking than Jewel's current partner Blu; three children who are a smart bookworm, a reckless thrillseeker, and an aloof teenager respectfully; the return of a former villain who has gone through Badass Decay and is seeking revenge...Whether or not they are used well is up to contention, but many things in this film have been done many times before.
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  • Contested Sequel: Pretty much has fans split down the middle. An unnecessary sequel? Or a fun one and worth watching?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Gabi is pretty popular for the small role she has in the film.
    • The rapping sloth.
  • Genius Bonus: A potentially glorious one in that Gabi is a poison dart frog whose crush on her villainous boss recalls a little bit of Harley Quinn's infamous crush on the Joker. While pink poison dart frogs aren't really a thing (and she ultimately turns out to be a mimic poison frog), her coloration and thin black stripes give her a fairly close resemblance to Oophaga histrionica. Common name? The harlequin poison frog.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The whole hidden tribe of Spix's macaws seems like an environmentalist fantasy now that the Spix's macaws are officially considered extinct in the wild.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Ho Yay: Nico and Pedro once again. They're actually the only duo/couple in the movie whose relationship appears to be problem free.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Most of the performers in the Terrible Interviewees Montage, but special mention goes to the rapping sloth.
  • The Scrappy: Roberto is already getting this from fans, in spite of/because he's voiced by Bruno Mars.
  • Sequelitis: The sequel is not as well received as the first.
  • Squick: Gabi, the presumably young frog being a Fangirl with a crush on Nigel, who is not just a parrot but a nasty, murderous, signaficantly older parrot is either Crosses the Line Twice funny or just plain gross.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Fans were disappointed by how much Fernando, a major supporting character in the original film was Demoted to Extra and not on the expedition with Linda and Tulio. Also, what's the point of Jake T. Austin reprising his role for only one single line?
  • Unfortunate Implications: Jewel makes all the decisions for the family, allows Blu very little say, and often belittles him and his parenting techniques. When he finally reaches his limit and (calmly but firmly) expresses his frustrations, she calls him selfish. Never is she called out for any of this. Cartoon Corner Productions
    • It's worse than that. She goes from wanting her family to visit the Amazon to flat-out planning to have them LIVE there without consulting Blu on the matters. Yes, she just dragged her fearful husband into a sinister jungle and told him without warning that they are going to live there from then forward. No questions.
    • Taking the worse factor a step further. In addition to the above, she also kind of coerces him to no longer search for, even give up their friendships with Linda and Tulio, despite it being a key part in their original plan, the former being the very person who raised Blu since he was a baby bird and the latter being the very person who made bringing them together even possible!
  • Villain Decay: Nigel's downfall in the first film must have really broken him, because he's nowhere near as threatening as before. He lost the ability to fly, no longer has any real power over anyone, is used for comedy much more often and does not have very strong motives for what he does as compared to before. Thankfully he's only a secondary villain in this movie.
  • Woobie:
    • Blu makes repeated sacrifices for his family, doing his best to fit in with Jewel's family and adapt to jungle life, and suffers at pretty much every turn because of it. He's even prepared to give up Linda, one of the most important people in his life.
    • Charlie could also count due to being bossed around by Nigel throughout the film. At least until the ending, where he dances with the other animals after Nigel is taken away.
    • The movie may not go out of its way to showcase Jewel at her best, but she's far from unsympathetic. She's a wild bird who's desperately, profoundly unhappy living with humans in the city, and barely making the best of a miserable situation.

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