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  • Nico and Pedro holding auditions to various Amazonian wildlife for their carnival show (and unwillingly discovering the local food chain) and Nigel turning "I Will Survive" into his Villain Song.
  • Clara the capybara singing "Memory", only to get swallowed whole by a panther. Then the panther opens its mouth and the little animal is still singing.
  • Blu's dream. From imagining he has Roberto's singing voice, to the goofy chuckle he makes when Jewel eats the brazil nut he got her.
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  • The turtles that perform slowly with their own motif accompanying them.
  • Blu's GPS provides quite a few chuckles.
    Blu: Come on lady, don't let me down.
    GPS Voice: Calculating route to "Funky Town".
  • Roberto going into show off mode while singing a sweet welcome home ballad for Jewel. Jewel's profoundly uncomfortable expression is priceless.
    • The way said "show off mode" starts—he pauses and extends a wing for Jewel, seemingly having finished his song, and Jewel is about to greet him...only for him to respond by raising his wing as if to say "Wait, I'm not done yet" and continue singing.
  • Pretty much anytime Nigel shows up. He may have suffered Villain Decay but his new bits more then make up for it. Heck even his big climax against Blu is played for laughs.
  • Blu's panicked first encounter with the (disguised) macaws, particularly his demands to see the American ambassador.
  • When Nigel finds a sleeping Blu on the boat headed to the Amazon.
    Nigel: Twinkle twinkle little Blu how I wondered where were you. Up upon the word so high. Are you ready... [brandishes his talons] to die?
    Blu: [muttering in his sleep] You need a breath mint.
    Nigel: Even in your sleep, you mock me!
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  • This gem as Luiz greets Kipo the spoonbill.
    Luiz: Hey, big bird! Break a leg! (Kipo slips on Luiz's dribbling saliva and crashes across the room) Walk it off, buddy!
  • When a macaw picks up Blu's breath mints and doesn't know what it is. Then eats the whole box and Blu has to use the Heimlich Manuver.
    Blu: Those are breath mints. You eat them. (Unnamed macaw swallows the entire box and starts choking) Oh, no, no, no! Not the whole box! GET...THAT...OUT OF YOUR...MOUTH!
    (The mint box flies out of the macaw's mouth)
  • A logger is playing checkers with their monkey pet. The monkey wins and the goon grabs the monkey by the neck just as Big Boss enters.
    Big Boss: I've always suspected you were dumber than a monkey... And now I know.

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