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Tear Jerker / Rio 2

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  • Jewel's reunion with her father came as both a heartwarming and tear jerking scene.
  • After getting into an argument with Jewel in regards to living in the Amazon, Blu leaves to find Linda to say goodbye, deciding to live in the Amazon with his family. But Jewel watches him leave, and misinterpreting his intentions, becomes heartbroken, tearfully thinking that he's abandoning her and their kids.
    • For that matter, Blu saying goodbye to Linda's picture. That he's willing to give up his comfort, his safety, and much of his identity for the family's sake is sad enough, but watching him cut ties with his best friend and foster mother borders on difficult to watch.
  • Blu looking on after he fails to fit in at the reunion celebration.
  • Jewel's backstory; Separated from her flock and father when she was just a chick, and forced to survive on her own. Until she met Blu, she was convinced she was the last of her kind. One line in particular is especially heartrending:
    Jewel: All this time, I... I never let myself hope they were alive...
    • It is also implied that the event traumatized her childhood friend Roberto.
  • Even though it's supposed to be Played for Laughs, and Nigel did do some things to deserve it, his overdramatic "death scene", followed by Gabi's, can come across as this.
  • Depending on which side of the Broken Base you take regarding Jewel's actions, this has the potential to be a very sad movie. After all Blu and Jewel have been through in the first movie, it's sobering to think that they simply aren't the right people for each other.

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