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Tear Jerker / Robots

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  • Rodney being berated and insulted by his father's boss Mr. Gunk. All Rodney was trying to do was help.
    Gunk: Inventor! You're the hand-me-down son of a dishwasher AND THAT'S ALL YOU'LL EVER BE! Someone scrape this crud off me and serve it to the customers.
  • Rodney learning that his father is sick back home.
    Piper: Is anything wrong?
    Fender: (reading over Rodney's letter) I'll say. His father's got one foot in the junkyard, and if they can't find new parts for him, he's only got a few miles left.

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  • Bigwield wants Rodney to give up. It's a gut punch at its finest to Rodney.
    Bigweld: Son, lemme give ya a good piece of advice.
    Rodney: Sure, what is it?
    Bigweld: Give up. (Rodney's grin instantly fades)
    Rodney: What?! You're telling me to quit?
    Bigweld: I said "give up". But "quit" works just as good.
    Rodney: Is that what you did? Is that why you're just sitting here letting Ratchet turn robots like my father into outmodes?
    Bigweld: Kid, sometimes you just gotta know when you're licked.
    Rodney: But you're Bigweld! You can fix anything!
    Bigweld: (sighs) I used to think so. To me, having the company was all about making life better. With Ratchet, it was making money that came first. I became old-fashioned, an outmode. Go home, kid. If he beat me, he's gonna beat you.
    Rodney: But—
    Bigweld: The world you're lookin' for no longer exists! Ya missed it! Find some other foolish dream! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm very, very, very... busy.
    Rodney: Yeah, I can see that. All I ever wanted was to grow up to be like him.
    (Rodney and Cappy sadly leave out the door)

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