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  • Blu and Jewel's relationship as a whole. Blu is willing to do whatever it takes to make his wife happy, and Jewel always defends and encourages him. Perhaps best summed up in this exchange:
    Jewel: Thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it.
    Blu: I would do anything for you. You know that, right?
    Jewel: (nuzzles against him) Of course I do.
  • Eduardo and Jewel reuniting, after years of both of them thinking the other was lost.
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  • Roberto's "Welcome Back" song to Jewel.
    Roberto: Can you feel what I feel?
    The day has come at last,
    Our precious Jewel has returned
    I'll be the first to say welcome back...
  • Eduardo gives Blu a warm hug for bringing Jewel back to him.
  • Eduardo's reaction to discovering he's a grandfather.
    Eduardo: I'm a grandpa? I'm a grandpa... Look at me, I'm a grandpa!
    • Not to mention his enthusiasm when he tells the kids he wants to be known as "Pop Pop." Apparently, he'd been waiting for this for a while.
  • Jewel singing a lullaby to the kids, followed by the adorable way Tiago asks her to sing it again.
  • Jewel refusing to leave without Blu:
    Jewel: I'm not going with you.
    Eduardo: You have to go with me! I won't put my family in danger again!
    Jewel: Blu is my family, and I'm not leaving him behind!
    • This is followed by Blu's return, with he and Jewel affectionately touching beaks.
  • It may also count as a funny moment, but Eduardo wearing a fanny pack of his own in the final scene shows how far he's come in his opinions of both Blu and humans — he even gives Blu another hug.
  • After being tied to a large tree in the Amazon by loggers, Linda and Tulio shift, shimmy, climb, and wriggle in a way that looks like an escape attempt. Turns out they had no such plan in mind, and simply wanted to get close enough to hold hands.
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  • Look closely - in the opening sequence, you can see Fernando (the young orphan boy who stole Blu and Jewel in the first movie) standing on the balcony of the bird sanctuary. Linda and Tulio presumably adopted him, or at least unofficially took him in, averting the Whatever Happened to the Mouse?? That might otherwise have been his fate.
  • Blu and Linda's relationship. The last movie made it look like they were going their separate ways, but here, we see that they're as close as ever. She waves and says hello to him while she's on TV, and he responds in kind...a picture of Tulio and Linda's wedding day even suggests that Jewel and Blu were "married" at the same time, adding onto the list of adorable milestones they've shared together.
  • A Short one, but when Roberto told everyone that Blu stayed behind with the Loggers, Eduardo called him a traitor, but Roberto immediately defended Blu saying he's only trying to help.

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