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YMMV / King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

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  • All Animation Is Disney: Despite being 2-D animated, the game itself has been bashed on by gamers as well as the reviewers for criticizing it for its art style mimicking Disney. It seems to be heading towards Don Bluth and Richard Rich's work.
  • Animation Age Ghetto: The game's art style is one possible reason the game isn't as beloved as its predecessor.
  • Bizarro Episode: Though the game itself may be viewed as such in comparison to the previous entries in the series, Chapter 2 counts in-game. Though important in establishing Rosella's story (not to mention Rosella actually BEING a troll for most of it), most of the troll kingdom and nearly all of its residents never appear or are mentioned again in any other chapter. This is especially different from the Valanice chapters, which require going back and forth between almost all previously visited areas and new ones.
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  • Contested Sequel: Nowhere near as much as the universally-reviled King's Quest: Mask of Eternity, but it still has a large number of detractors who don't like, among other things, the changes made to the King's Quest (and early-to-mid Sierra adventure games in general) formula, like the lack of Have a Nice Death, a point system, and the addition of chapters, which can be played out of order.
  • Ear Worm: The gravedigger's theme and, depending on who you ask, Land Beyond Dreams.
  • Genius Bonus: Lord Tsepish's name is a phonetic spelling of the Romanian word tepes, or impaler.
  • Guide Dang It!: The first task of Chapter 6. The magic wand that can change the impostor troll king back has two settings, T and F, but unless you mouse over the one pixel at the bottom of the wand you'd never know. More annoying is that since it's a wand to change something back to its own shape, you'd think the T and F stand for True and False. Nope, they stand for Troll and Faerie, so using the wand set to T on the fake troll king won't work, and you don't find out that the false king is one of the faeries until after you change him back.
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  • Most Annoying Sound: If you have to deal with the technological problem that causes the firecracker in Chapter 5 to explode every few seconds, the explosion sound effect can get very irritating very quickly.
  • Nightmare Fuel: If you take a long time finding a way out of the coffin, the skeletons around it will start trying to force their way inside. If you take too long, a skull will poke through the wall eagerly. Cue the "You Have Died" screen.
    • The Boogeyman's theme is this for some people, but others find it to be just an upbeat, catchy tune.
  • Retroactive Recognition: David Gilbert, a comic strip cartoonist, worked as a key animator on the game as part of the Animotion staff in Syracuse.
  • Tear Jerker: There is a suboptimal ending where you stop Malicia but don't give Edgar the extra life, resulting in his death. Instead of a triumphant ending sequence, you get Titania audibly sobbing as she promises to raise Malicia right this time, followed by a shot of Oberon and Titania flying Valanice and Rosella home on a black swan.
  • Tough Act to Follow: The game seems to have been hit with this, seeing as King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow is considered the best game in the series.
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  • Ugly Cute: Troll!Rosella, heck, most of the trolls qualify.


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