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  • Adorkable:
    • Dan was known for being somewhat insecure and awkward. He often lacked confidence in himself. When filled with such self-doubt, Dan would often be prone to analysis paralysis and inaction.
    • Ray's sweet-natured, nerdy, and a bit of a goof-ball.
    • Barry comes across as the most socially awkward, clumsiest one. His lack of punctuality, terrible humor, his love for comics and anything related to science makes him even more adorkable.
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    • Patty is a science nerd at heart and gets into several dorky conversations with Barry.
    • Seriously, when did you ever expect to see a Leonardo who's into Sci-Fi television shows and tries to emulate them? His adorable face shape, smile, voice, and big blue eyes don't hurt either.
    • Damian's standoffish nature belies how awkward he is in general, leading to some oddly endearing outbursts from time to time, like his outlandish excitement over the sun going down, the fact that he sticks his tongue out while concentrating, and when his ears turn bright red from something as simple as hug.
    • Even more so than his father, Bart's doubly adorkable with his Cloudcuckoolander and Ditzy Genius persona.
  • Awesome Art: Phil Cho's art is absolutely stunning with it's attention to detail towards the designs of the characters.
  • Better Than Canon: Roy's version of Bruce and Selina's wedding is handled better than how Tom King and DC Mandated it to a Bait-and-Switch Ass Pull at Batman #50 that was spoiled online before it was released and used as a publicity stunt to get Batman & Catwoman separated and still making Bruce Wayne a depressed man and Selina a heartbroken villain.
    • This also applies to several characters from the Fables series. Bigby Wolf is no longer the Designated Hero and political mouthpiece that Bill Willingham used him as, Red Riding Hood is a proper Action Girl instead of being impersonated by Baba Yaga, Beauty is not a Lamia who replaced her, Goldilocks is not a murderous revolutionary, Hansel did not kill his sister for learning magic, and the Seven Dwarves are not rapists.
  • Catharsis Factor: Plenty in this story.
    • Seeing this version Arthur Light/Doctor Light beaten by Ralph for almost raping Sue and later vaporized is actually pleasing sight for people who didn't like Identity Crisis especially with the former being a Karma Houdini.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The OC VOX Box 2. [1]
    • The ObMod - I Now Pronounce You Mr. Mrs. Batman [2]
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • A recent Network File revealed Lilith Clay/Omen's adoptive father is Franklin Clay, leader of The Losers. On Earth 27 Lilith is the niece of Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II, who was the daughter of Sally Jupiter and Eddie Blake/The Comedian. Jeffrey Dean Morgan played both Franklin and Eddie in their respective, movies. Also gets more hilarious that with the inclusion of the Supernatural cast and the Winchester siblings' father John, also played by Morgan and they're also related to the Blakes.
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    • In order to separate Harley Quinn's earlier characterization as the Joker's crazy girlfriend from her current independent anti-hero (but still crazy) characterization, Marian Drews, who became the Joker in the White Knight series was introduced as Harley's replacement. For the Joker War storyline in 2020, a new girlfriend of the Joker named Punchline was introduced, who is pretty much the opposite of both Harley and Marian's characterizations.
    • Snowflame's depiction here is based on Tony Montana from Scarface. Snowflame's Post-Flashpoint/Rebirth appearance seems to based on Miami Vice. For added hilarity, Catwoman meets him at place called Isla Nevada, and Snowflame's name on E-27 is Ignatius Nevada.
  • LGBT Fanbase: With so many characters who are LGBTQ+, it's not surprising the project has become popular with this particular group.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • This version of Tarantula is less of a rapist and more of an aloof ally and lone wolf to the Bat Family and the Outsiders, in contrast her controversial canon counterpart, who got away with raping Dick Grayson, which writer Devin Grayson repeatedly insisted was not rape, and ultimately got killed by the Secret Six in the comics.
    • While Captain Planet and the Planeteers weren't really hated, some were skeptical of their inclusion in the story. Many were pleasantly surprised their designs, backstories, interactions and connections to the larger universe were very interesting and well written, making them one of the bigger surprises of the project.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • After Ollie cheated Dinah with Sara, Dinah was pregnant before the incident, almost lost her baby by miscarriage, and by fear of her enemies targeting both of them, had no choice but to give her up by adoption.
  • Unexpected Character: Given this story has Loads and Loads of Characters they are some surprising additions:
    • Carol and Jane Kent from the criminally underrated Elseworld storyline Superman: Secret Identity mini-series appear to exist in this story which caught everyone off guard.
    • Stan Lee's Just Imagine Series in which he reimagined the DC Universe is a surprise that they will appear on Earth-27 to honor Stan Lee after his passing in late 2018.
    • Who would have thought that the Captain Planet would exist in Earth-27, with Gaia connected to the Earth-27 Olympians and the Planeteers coming from pre-established locations in the DC Universe.
    • The Inclusion of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles caught everybody offguard due to both franchises only rarely making crossovers in the comics and media.
      • It was even more surprising the inclusion of Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa.
    • Metron. Sure, New Gods are a very important part of the DCU, but Metron is not particularly prominent or well-known when compared to Big Barda, Orion or Darkseid. His appearance to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the project was rather unexpected.
    • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark took practically everyone off-guard, mostly because she's not a DC character and with a very minor connection to the House of Mystery. The barely present hints also helped the surprise.
    • The Minutemen. While the Minutemen are an important part of Watchmen's backstory, they weren't particularly prominent, being more focused on their Crimebusters successors, so it was quite unexpected that not only they would appear, but they even gained a team of Legacy Characters.
    • Mogo. While its existence was acknowledged, the debut of the sentient planet was completely unexpected and basically unannounced.
    • The Ghostbusters. They're not from DC either.
    • Scott Pilgrim and his cast. Not only are the characters not from DC, but the setting of the comic includes some interesting video game-like mechanics. That Ramona Flowers and her seven exes are all Daimons (essentially lesser gods) and Scott became her sort of Champion is even more surprising.
    • And, of course, who can forget the Gremlins?
    • Santa Claus, who wasn't announced or expected besides a mention in Bigby Wolf's Network File, and not only is he combined with Boreas the North Wind, he's also combined with Njord from the Norse Pantheon.
    • Yara Flor from DC Future State, mostly due to her very recent debut (early 2021), so her debut was a surprise.
    • The Powerpuff Girls. No one was expecting their inclusion.
    • Hellboy is also set to be included.


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