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  • Exiled from Continuity:
    • Prior 2018 it caused an incident called CreatorsGate, where creators of OCs requested there decided to leave the project and not play nice with Roy which caused them being Ret Goned via Soft Reboot in the Earth 27 continuity among those characters are Cerberus (Hank Henderson) and Arkham XX, The former who's creator decide to do an indepedent comic officially retiring the character and its finding a suite replacement for the moment and the latter due her creator's request to be removed. While characters like Amity (Irie Mogan), Lauren Snyder (Malice) and Revenant (Violeta Campos) are eliminated are replaced with actual DC characters. the former is now replaced by 2-6-8-1-7-9-5, the middle being replaced by Rankorr, the latter is by Greta Hayes in the Challengers of the Unknown roster.
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    • This also applies characters from the Cadre like Josefina Moreno (La Gran Maestra), Jenny and Billy Lee, Melanie Fichter (Constance) and Brauzhar The Corruptor are removed completely from the continuity with the first three are replaced Psycho Pirate, Variant and Uplink while the latter is replaced by Harm/Billy Hayes.
    • It got worse in 2019 that most of the original character mainstays (Arkham X, Fox, Ronin, etc.), with the exception of the Fan Club, were completely erased in a massive exodus of creators who now broke ties with Roy and the story itself, which is a reason the story is getting a remodeling and restructuring.
    • While Elissa Wayne/Golden Angel's status is up the air with Roy waiting a word from her creator.
  • Sleeper Hit: Initially, Roy had just commissioned a few Batman villains, but when things started to gain popularity, he decided to create his own DC Comics universe.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Max West was originally going Rudy Joseph "RJ" West and moniker of Velocity.
    • Originally Scandal Savage was going to be a member of the League of Assassins, before Roy ultimately changed his mind, becoming unrelated and leading the Secret Six like in the comics.
  • The Wiki Rule: Earth-27 Wiki

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