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  • The subject of Everything Burns by Anastacia & Ben Moody. The song could probably describe ninety percent of the characters with this trope. Rule of thumb, if you can't use this song as the character's theme song, don't put them here.
  • The plot of Marilyn Manson's concept album Anti Christ Superstar.
  • The Last Man from Fireaxe's 4-hour metal epic Food for the Gods. The narrator laments the nature of man and how all we ever do is suffer. He then uses an unnamed Doomsday Device to destroy the entire human race and all life on Earth. Then things start going bad.
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  • Upon discovering that his sister has died before he could find her again, Moira's Elefseus finally snaps from a lifetime of trauma and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against everything that ever played a part in his suffering, up to and including fate itself.
  • The female protagonist of Carrie Underwood 's "Blown Away". She apparently has supernatural powers and uses them to create a destructive tornado to kill her father in his sleep who was described as a "mean old mister" that apparently killed her mother.
  • Many of The Megas' interpretation of the Robot Masters count, as they are given their own backstories and motivations for wanting to help Wily. However, Air Man in particular stands out. He laments that his power only causes him to push others away, and decides...
    Air Man: If I can't walk among them, then I will walk the world alone.
    • Bubble Man as well, as he wants only to prove to his brothers and to himself that he's not as weak and useless as they all say he is.
    • Very special mention goes to Crash Man. He doesn't even want to help Wily. He wants to join Mega Man to save the world. Unfortunately, he can't break his programming to fight against Mega Man. Except for right at the end, when he's about to finish Mega off, when he manages to break his programming for a brief moment, which he uses to throw the fight and kill himself so that Mega can go on.
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  • The narrator in "Paint It Black" from Aftermath by The Rolling Stones who lost their love and wants to "see the sun blotted out from the sky."
  • Slipknot's "people = shit".
  • This is the subject of several of Coheed and Cambria's Murder Ballads-literally.
  • "Burn" by Nine Inch Nails.
  • "Army of Tears" by Cathy Davey.
  • Every single character in the Evillous Chronicles, although the most prominent is the Clockwork Doll. Just listen to her main song. And if that doesn't make you want to hug her, here's the prequel. Maybe it's a family trait?
  • "It's Getting Dangerous" by Thin Lizzy. (Hasn't had destroyed the world yet, but it's probably on his agenda.)
    The power's at his fingertips
    Vengeance is on his lips
    But the power he fought to control
    Now has got him in its grips
  • "Iron Man" from Paranoid by Black Sabbath is about a person who travelled time to save the world but, upon returning, is turned to steel and rejected and ignored by everyone he saved, leading him to turn vengeful and start killing them.
    • Mentioned in the title track to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath:
    The people who have crippled you, you want to see them burn
    The gates of life have closed on you and there's just no return
    You're wishing that the hands of doom could take your mind away
    And you don't care if you don't see again the light of day.
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  • A fanboy with a pregnant girlfriend writes to his idol, the only person he identifies with, of his troubles with his family and loneliness in his personal life, but doesn't hear back. It's quickly apparent he identifies too much, the silence provoking outrage and confusion, then tragedy. The fan's name? Stan — and it's his little brother that proves to fit the trope.

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