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  • The eponymous slime of Unicorn Jelly simply disappeared after episode 581. Before To Save Her, the author claimed it was an intended symbolic plot point about childhood, magic or something or another.
  • In Questionable Content the character Sara just disappears and is never mentioned again. The Cast page lampshades this by saying she was eaten by an allosaurus. Author Jeph Jacques says he just dropped her for being boring.
    • In 2012, three new characters were introduced as library interns: Claire, Emily and Gabrielle. Claire became a major character and started dating Marten. Emily is a popular recurring character. Gabrielle largely vanished after the introductory story. She appears in 21 strips; Claire and/or Emily are in 19 of those, and in the other two Gabby does not speak.
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  • You'd never know in Ciem that resident Depraved Bisexual Poison Dart Eddie even had a sidekick, as he is so quickly brushed aside and never mentioned again. Even Claire Rauscher has the decency to at least return in a later chapter, if only to fall to her death.
  • Sluggy Freelance had a minor one where a reader actually asked, "What happened to the demonic ferret?" The answer was, "She's still there with the other demons, I just forgot to draw her."
  • Get Medieval's "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue is infamously missing Oneder, Iroth's bodyguard-turned-Muslim holy warrior. In the annotated reruns, Ironychan stated that she left out Oneder (and Sir Gerard) because she felt there was nothing really left to say about them.
    • Also; Asher's kitten. It disappeared shortly after Asher received it and was unmentioned for months, until it reappeared after the "Trip To The Moon" arc. Ironychan has never said whether or not this was planned all along or whether the constant cries of "WHERE'S THE KITTY" caused her to bring it back.
  • Monette's baby, in Something*Positive. The full humor and drama of an unplanned pregnancy are played to maximum effect, but Monette's baby disappears from the plot with barely a ripple (subtle clues in the dialogue reveal it was either stillborn or died very shortly after birth). Millholland lampshaded the baby's absence much later in a filler strip in which the baby turned up in a Lost and Found box. Word of God says it was stillborn.
  • Jessica's pregnancy in Better Days, though it's possible that the sequel, Original Life (which follows the children of Better Days' main characters) will bring this up.
    • In Original Life, it is shown that Jessica has many children (enough so that Elizabeth feels uncomfortable asking her to take time babysitting her own kids).
    • Elizabeth's father all but vanishes as the series goes on. This is notable since he was written as being a reasonable parent to Elizabeth as opposed to her strict mother, and backed his daughter on things like having Fisk over. One has to wonder why he had no input in his wife all but forcing their daughter to marry someone she didn't care about.
  • In Bob and George, on average once per Mega Man (Classic) game parody, Mega Man would beat one of the Robot Masters without killing them, and for the most part they never showed up again, though they spawned numerous Epileptic Trees. However, on rare occasion they showed up again, especially Shadow Man, who became a running joke due to his stealthy nature and the Epileptic Trees about his disappearance.
    • Shadow Man in particular said, after his initial appearance, that he'd disappear into the background until he was needed once again, which seemed a natural set up for him to return. It was years before he really did, and at every new plot development he was tagged as possibly being behind it. One fancomic lampshaded this by having him come and say the reason he hadn't shown up again was because, as a ninja he would return and strike when least expected... but the readers kept expecting him.
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  • Emily from Mortifer. Last appeared on this page, and was promptly never seen again. This trope was barely averted however, when a fan drew a (spoileriffic) piece of Fan Art lampshading it, which the author saw, stating that she had completely forgotten about the character and that she would try to find a way to bring her back into the story.
  • Narrowly averted in YU+ME: dream . The author realised she was going to do this with No Face, a minor but very scary enemy and so Dropped a Bridge on Him for completeness. Lia had just made a Face–Heel Turn and he got in her way. Cue a Neck Snap in the background of a conversation.
  • For a long time it looked like Haban and Breya Andreyasn in Schlock Mercenary were heading this way, made more glaring and worrisome by their last appearance ending on an ominous note, though the enemy AI claimed they were not killed. But then six and a half years after disappearing, they got better.
  • Sonichu in spades. The author's wild-running attention span has caused him to start and drop so many plots and characters, it isn't even funny.
  • Rumors of War: Who was that walking around as Couric? Where did Penelo disappear to? What about the rest of the characters on the ship in the first Story Arc? What about all those character Nenshe recruited to the Order of Orion? (Some of these turn into Brick Jokes later in the comic.)
  • Averted in 1/0. By the end of the strip's run, every character that has ever appeared, even those you thought were one-off throwaway characters, has been accounted for.
  • Homestuck:
    • There is Minihoof, Dirk's pet miniature pony, who has not been seen since he entered the Medium, roughly six months ago in-comic. This is kind of concerning, given that Minihoof is tiny enough to be easily crushed and it's not certain Dirk has been home to feed her...
    • Sollux says here that all the trolls are going to die, or just that "we all" are going to die, and he specifically mentions that he will die twice. As of October 25th of 2014, Vriska and Karkat have been killed twice each, and possibly Kanaya if her transforming into a rainbow drinker is counted as a "full death," and maybe Tavros, Nepeta, and Feferi counting their spirted selves exploding (which would also bring Vriska's death total at three). Either Sollux conveniently left out that he's not the only troll (and definitely not the only one) who will die more than once or the story's planning underwent a few changes from that point. This prophecy has not been mentioned since then.
      • Not mentioned, perhaps, but not forgotten. Every single troll has died in one timeline or another as of this update, the doomed timeline that John is from having massacred them.
    • Despite the vague implications that were set up, the story surrounding what happened to Mituna to leave him brain-damaged may never be gotten, as Meenah wound up the only Pre-Scratch troll to be given a focal role in the finale. Granted, it may not be relevant to the big picture in the end, or maybe Hussie meant to address it at some point but got caught up with some hundred other plot threads or plain forgot.
    • The ending of the comic leaves a lot of unresolved plot points, and the fates of various characters are unknown.
  • In the My Little Pony arc of Murry Purry Fresh And Furry, it is ominously mentioned near the beginning that Molly is no longer a friend to pony land, possibly setting her up as the Big Bad of the arc. However near the end the author simply lost interest in continuing, abruptly ended it with Princess Celestia being arrested and called it quits without never once mentioning Molly again.
  • The titular character in Oglaf barely appeared at all in the first place, and hasn't shown in the comics in years, to the point that one may forget there was a character sharing a name with the comic in the first place.
  • On the occasion that Penny Arcade indulges in continuity (for example, Anne's new table-top game crew in 2014), the multi-part comic will suddenly end as soon as Jerry and Mike run out of jokes or come up with a joke that would only work individually, abandoning anything that was potentially brewing in the multi-part.
  • Sam & Fuzzy has this happen often, as the story over the years has created Loads and Loads of Characters, and many have unresolved plot points, from simple ones like "Did Mr. Ackerman get repaid?" to complete story arcs like Detective Morris's investigation.
  • The Story of Anima has Jade's briefly seen caretaker, who vanishes from the story after only one page. When mercenaries attack the airship, not only is her fate left uncertain, the cast themselves seem to forget she even existed.
  • This is actually a power of henchmen in Nodwick. They have a Become Irrelevant power that allows them to vanish any time no one is directly paying attention to them.
  • Defied in The Order of the Stick. A mini arc featured the group of heroes tangling with a Bandit Clan, and the father & daughter team that led the bandits were spared at the end of the arc and given just enough characterization that fans frequently speculated on when/how the two would return to the story. The fan speculation and questioning irked author Rich Burlew enough that he wrote in a single comic where the two encountered a much more plot critical enemy, engaged in some Mugging the Monster, and were summarily killed for it.
  • Averted in Daughter of the Lilies; in a magical university setting, a frog is used as sacrifice to summon a demonic entity that, as intended part of the experiment, possesses the frog. Readers commented that they wanted to know what happened to the frog, and the author did indeed reveal the ultimate fate of the frog.
  • In Girl Genius, Agatha sends out four messenger clanks while in Sturmhalten. One of them is shown successfully (on June 16, 2006) escaping the threat that destroyed the first three... and is never shown or mentioned again, especially not by its intended recipient. And likely never will, having lost all plot-relevance after the Mechanicsburg arc (and the Time Skip that ensues).

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