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  • Aitor Molina Vs.: Pandemia said something about a clone in AMvs Seahorse Seashell Party and it was never brought back.
  • From "Swimming!", an early episode of lonelygirl15: "Whatever happened to that girl, Cassie?" Over 430 episodes later, we're still none the wiser.
  • The White Parade has a variation of this. Part III sees Ean sending Allys on an errand to fetch a sandwich from the Subway across the street from the hospital where he's staying... only for it to never be mentioned again once it's retrieved.
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  • This strange youtube video takes this trope quite literally. It features an animated mouse who just walks across the screen and then is never seen again.
  • The Literal Music Video for Anything For Love has Meat Loaf continue to complain about his dropped necklace long after it stops being relevant to the video's plot.
  • In Kung Tai Ted's review for Tiger Love, Ted becomes so disturbed at the scene where the titular tiger mauls a boy that he breaks character and asks if the child actor actually got killed.
  • The interstitial webisodes aired prior to The Walking Dead's second-season premiere revolved around a survivor named Hannah and her attempts to protect her family from walkers. At the end of the webisodes, Hannah (running to escape the city with her kids) manages to kill a zombie that bites her, and tells her children to run away as fast as they can before she turns. We see what happens to Hannah afterwards (she's eaten by a horde of walkers, and becomes the titular "bicycle girl" that Rick Grimes discovers in the pilot episode), but what happened to her kids?
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  • The Nostalgia Critic invokes this trope with his "but what happened to Boomer?" rants in various movie reviews, everytime a character's fate, especially if it was a dog, is not resolved in a movie, at least for a while. If it is before the end credits roll, a short "Boomer will live!" scene is shown. Boomer was a pet dog in one of the reviewed movies.
  • At the end of Spoony's Ultima VI review, Chuckles the Jester is given a Sinestro Corps ring from the Gate Cleaner. Since the review, Chuckles has not been seen or mentioned and it seem whatever storyline was being set up was dropped.
  • Ultra Fast Pony:
    • In "Pega Please", the central conflict of the episode is the question of how to deal with a sleeping dragon that's spewing smoke over Ponyville: should the protagonists approach the dragon diplomatically, or just kill him? The climax comes when Fluttershy berates the dragon for using a word he's not allowed to use, then in the denouement, Twilight explains that the dragon is now "dragone". Whether the dragon left peacefully or in pieces is never clarified.
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    • In "Pinkie's Day In", Pinkie Pie suddenly acquires two babies, apparently via kidnapping. Mr. and Mrs. Cake leave to find the babies' original parents, but they're completely unsuccessful. It becomes a moot point by the end of the episode, so the babies' origin stays a mystery.
  • Chakona Space features Allen Fesler's Tales of the Folly series. Chapter 2 introduces Captain Foster's cockatiels. After chapter 3, they are never mentioned again.
  • Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams feature one character who is sent off to visit other islands via StreetPass. Since Vinny never uses StreetPass (presumably because of the innate danger of taking a valuable modded 3DS to conventions and the like), said character is never seen again.
  • Occurs in The Sick Land once the main character and narrator, Alex, arrives at the Facility. While the fate of the first research station, where the story starts, is witnessed by Alex (and thus, the reader), and the entire second half of the story takes place in the Facility, not a single word is mentioned about what happens to the second station and Alex' former colleagues there.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: It was never explained what HVGN's mom (or a hallucination thereof) was doing in his house in the "Little Nemo in Slumberland" review.
  • Early on in Twelve Hundred Ghosts London built a wall to keep zombies out, which made Scrooge even richer. It's never brought up again.
  • In Single Girl One Hundred Baby Challenge, after Chelsea's death, Old!Craig never reenters the story, so we have not learned what happened to him, and whether he's still alive.

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