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Demon body-snatches Nebraska boy: Ruins everything.

Zach and his two other demon buddies came to earth to steal bodies and sell them to the miserable people stuck in purgatory while Lucifer isn't looking, because nobody has any idea where he went.The gates of hell are closed, the poor people trapped in between just want to go back to earth. For the reasonable price of your eternal soul, they can make that happen! If their manager can get them to pay attention long enough.


The Settlers is a Webcomic co-written by Elliot (Tweekling) and Kellen (Fairygun), and drawn by the former. The official tumblr can be found here

It can be read here on Tapastic. Tweekling's Patreon is here.

Nothing to do with the video game The Settlers.

This webcomic provides examples of:


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