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Left-to-right from top-to-bottom: Beneatha, Sean, Mulder, Ed, and Fyodore.

A long-lost anthro Webcomic by Steven Graziano, CoyoteVille! is about Sean O’Desse, a coyote living in the desert with his friends Mulder and Beneatha Fox, Fyodore the Lizard, Ed the dead cowskull head, and a whole bunch of countless other native inhabitants. It features Looney Tunes-style humor and art.

The comic originally ran from 1997 to 2002 until it was axed due to trolls bashing the comic as well as the creator for trying to be a "self-aggrandizing celebrity.” Approximately eleven years later, on January 1, 2013, it was finally Un-Canceled.

The original series is available here and the new series is on Graziano's (now going as Steve MacIntyre) website as well as his Tumblr comic blog and FurAffinity account.

This comic includes examples of:

  • Alien Autopsy: This strip has Sean (alongside a few other coyotes) perform an autopsy on an alien. He discovers that its internals have a "creamy nuget center", and has a fondue party with the body in it at the last panel!
  • Funny Animal: The cast consists of anthropomorphic coyotes, foxes, and lizards.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Sean used to often wear either a bandanna or a vest or sometimes even both in the old run, then he later dropped them by the end of it thus becoming fully naked all the time, which was lampshaded here when the webcomic is brought back.
    • A certain amount of his disguises may count.
  • Jive Turkey: In the November 27, 2014 strip, Sean shows Ed a literal jive turkey... who expresses his displeasure about getting caught with a ton of slang and "hip", rapper-style mannerisms that's written in a Funetik Aksent.
    Turkey: So's I wuz plum hangin' around hangin' mah doodad and dis coyote picks me down and walks off wid me! Sheee! Can ya' imagine da damn shock? Man, dis place be crazy, why be he rappin' t'a crazy cranium?
  • Negative Continuity: Quite usually. Justified because it's a cartoon.
  • New Year's Resolution: In the December 30, 1997 strip, Mulder's new year resolution is to prove that "hoomans" exist, Sean's is "the usual" (which he describes as "try to be cool, not bite my claws"), and Ed's is to make a bunch of new friends. The last panel ironically has the latter saying that he keeps breaking his resolutions earlier each year.
  • The Pollyanna: Sean has an incredibly optimistic attitude towards everyone and everything else (which would certainly explain his smile in a lot of the comics).
  • Postmodernism: Often drew humor from its characters knowing they were in a comic strip.