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Webcomic / Court of Roses

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As summer comes to an end in the kingdom of Prismal, the Bardic Festival is in full swing, bringing together musicians and minstrels from all over. But amidst the celebration, a sinister plot of murder unfolds…

Court of Roses is an original fantasy webcomic written and drawn by Kelsey Peterson, otherwise known as Nintendonut1. It was moved to Spider Forest.

It follows a ragtag group of bards as they band together and travel the realm of Prismal; Merlow the Rose, half-elf, charismatic leader, bagpiper, and perpetual drunk; Diana the Fleetfoot Fletcher, human tidinit player with a heart of gold; Nocturne, brooding but classy Infernal and violinist; Sven Rockscreamer, goliath drummer and seeker of justice; and Feliks Halfdance, curious gnome who plays accordion and magically conjures their entire backup.

And who knows! Mayhaps they'll solve a murder mystery together!

Tropes appearing in Court of Roses include: