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Baby Cakes is a series of several short films created by Brad Neely. Each short is in the form of a diary entry from Mark Cakes, known by the nickname Babycakes. Babycakes enjoys writing freestyle music, searching for love, and attempting to prove that his father and the other professors are wizards.

  • Diary #1: Babycakes begins his diary by describing an average day.
  • Diary #2: Babycakes visits his dad's dad. Hilarity Ensues.
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  • Diary #3: Babycakes goes to the park to become one with nature.
  • Diary #4: Babycakes divulges his forbidden desire.
  • Diary #5: Babycakes uses his "me time" to be other people.
  • Diary #6: Babycakes reflects on memories and remembering things.
  • Doors: Babycakes has a brief entry on two surprises.
  • Group Therapy: Babycakes breaks out some fresh rhymes about his day.
  • Coffee Line: Babycakes discusses wizardry and spells with a patient barista.
  • Lies: Babycakes explains the lies he has been fed by the world.
  • The Role Play Tournament (Be Aggressive): Babycakes sings about his time at the Role Play Tournament.
  • Babycakes Sees A Play: Babycakes attends a play "called Shakespeare."

Not to be confused with the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode.


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