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Nobody is entitled to spoil others' guessing and fun, regardless of affiliation.

Doctor X and Bell have access to Bleedman's computer.
A troper on the main page mentioned how either Haruhi exists in this universe, or, Dr. X has hacked Bleedman's computer on this page. Perhaps that troper mentioned it jokingly, but then the last page of Chapter 9 sees Bell and Gir watching the end of the world through a computer screen. Artist Bee Are comments that "Bell and Gir are watching them watching them watching you watching them." Does this mean that they DO have access to Bleedman's computer?

The time bomb is exactly what it says on the tin.
When the time bomb goes off, it doesn't cause an explosion. It sends everyone in its area of effect through time and space. This is supported by all tachyon technobabble in the comic before the bomb went off and Griddle's vague posts in the forum about the plot thus far.

The MIB are unemployed/unneeded
  • Everybody knows about the disasters with aliens that have appeared in the past with the Power Puff Girls, XJ9, Monkey and some Dexter's adventures. The MIB are getting their asses kicked because they aren't actually needed anymore and are out of practice since their job was to make sure people didn't knew about aliens and... well...

The cluster isn't a huge threat
  • This is the reason why more established heroes who are said to exist in the "bleedman-verse" haven't taken part in the battles. They are too under the radar to receive any real attention... for now. At which point...
    • As of 7/21/11 the Men in Black have taken to the field. It's also entirely worth noting that while comparisons across different styles of show are difficult but the Powerpuff girls seem like they'd be on par all but the most powerful super heroes in terms of sheer power. It's more likely at that either the other groups are by and large unaware of the Cluster or are dealing with more immediate threats. You can't really worry about what the Cluster might do tommorow if they get through the PPGs if your busy stopping Darkseid from doing something today.

There will be a Final Battle

Professor X is Dick Hardly
He somehow survived the fire/explosion after his army of clones rebelled against him, and the mutation caused by the Chemical X gave him super intelligence a la Brainiac. He later joined forces with the Cluster to take over the world and used their technology to engineer Bell. That explains how he knows so much about the girls.
  • That also explain where the hell Bell came from.
    • It also explains his name.
  • If so, then it's also given him a personality shift. Professor X is a tad Affably Evil and seems like a decent parent, yet Dick Hardly...'' isn't.

Bell will make a Heel–Face Turn
I wish there was a way I could elaborate on why I said that, but there isn't. I'm just gonna use the cop-out "I feel it in my bones". Sorry if you were expecting more.
  • Well assuming the WMG about Prof. X being Dick Hardly is right, and the subsequent WMG about Bell being a revamped PPG clone is right, I'd think she'll snap when she learns the truth about X. That, and she DID Call The Old Man Out before, when she thought he caused Mandark to die.

Mandark will be revived
Well, what do you suppose his sister's going to do with the glasses she picked up at the wreckage?
  • Take up his mantle to kill Dexter and his loved ones? Or maybe join up with Black Eden?
    • He's a super genius. It's possible he'll be saved through a time paradox (a la ego trip), or he'll be revived as a cyborg.

Dee Dee will be revived
Evidenced here. Though it's entirely possible she means she's gonna get reincarnated, but the way she says it kinda means...

Later crossovers will include [adult swim] shows.
The proof is in Grim Tales. Doesn't the person to the left of Mandy look like a young Dr. Girlfriend to you?
  • Nope. Looks like Gaz.
  • Maybe he meant the other left.

Sparky isn't dead
You read correctly, folks.

You see, Sparky's been eating his everlasting corndog (see the eternal elixir episode) so often for so long that he's gained some degree of immortality. You are what you eat, and every bite of immortal corndog has a little eternal elixir in it...

When AMAZO discovered the wreckage of the Starcruiser, he sensed Sparky's mortal, normally-irreversable wounds, but not the essence of eternal elixir from the corndog workings its magic on Sparky's system.


As for X-5... well, he's a robot.

The Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi universe is the human world in Sugar Bits
There isn't anything saying that it isn't, and they're by the same guy.

Dex-star will appear to fight the Cluster
Dexter made a reference to being a superhero early on, but only used his backpack robot. He's seen using Dex-Star's throwing D's while assaulting Mandark's fortress, so it's possible he'll don the full regalia when it's his turn to step up to the Cluster's horde.

Some of the concepts and characters made by Griddles will be alluded to or make an appearance, or even be put into the comic.
It's fairly clear that Bleedman is incredibly fond of the characters and concepts used by Griddles, so he may try to implement them into the canon.
  • Griddles is writing another Bleedman comic, After Birth, so his input and influence will show some way or another...
    • Mindsnare from Sugar Bits is Griddles' character, and it's hinted that another of his characters will debut in After Birth. It's only a matter of time before PPGD notices his work too.

The Red Hooded Girl in the second Cartoon Character sheet is Aku Reborn.
Just look.
  • Not so much a reborn as possibly appearing in the past. Bleedman must have a reason as to why Jack's in the past, maybe his appearance will shed some light on it.
  • I don't think it is Aku Reborn. It is just an Alternate-Modern Day Aku. Since Jack is in the present, not the far-future, and the present day is not ruled by Aku, Aku had to go all stealthy to avoid certain samurai warriors and gather power and allies. Of course, since this is the Big Ham himself, the GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS and the black "horn crown" kind of screw his attempts at stealth. Then again, this is a world with talking animals, giant robots, aliens, robots, time-travelers, mad scientists, the Grim Reaper, and a lot more strange things. His oddities can be a sort of Mundane Fantastic.

Dynamo will re-appear
And also, Megas and Dynamo will combine in a fight against the clusters.
  • God, how could forgett THIS!
  • Oh and don't forget that shortly into Grim Tales run Bleedman has a list of refrence pictures he needed for volume 2. Dexter and Family in those uniforms, the monster and the dex-robo were all on that list.

When Bleedman takes over the Invader Zim: Manifest Doom comic, it'll be retconned to fit within ppgd continuity.
Since he'd add his own art to it, it'd be safe to say that it'd be in the Bleedman universe too. It won't be much of a retcon, as it was like half a dozen pages and not much resembling a story (though I will miss the artwork, it was really cool.)

Honeydew is in the school in a uncover mission
  • In Dexter it's NEVER mentionated that Honeydew is a teacher, so, why is she teaching? easy, something it's happening in the school and she is trying to discover what it is. that, or she is vigilating the girls.

Professor X is Highbreed
Those Eyes. However only them remain from typical Highbreed appearance, as result of Ominitrix cure.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica will appear in some shape or form in the comic
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic made into the comic, so why not Madoka?

Based on this page what I'm expecting to happen over the course of PPGD:

Otto from Time Squad replaced Jimmy Neutron and/ or Timmy Turner
According to this deviation Timmy and Jimmy were going to be part of the original plot, and after rereading Otto's portion of the comic, I pretty much realized he could of replaced one of them, because
  • Jimmy and Timmy are shown wearing the exact same outfit as Otto
  • Both Jimmy and Timmy have time traveled before
  • Ottos general personality is vague enough in the comic to have been meant for someone else
  • Larry and Ted Russell have lines similar sounding to either Jimmy's parents or Cosmo and Wanda
  • Otto's line about not helping Dee Dee because his job doesn't allow him too could of easily been replaced with something regaurding "Da Rulez"
  • Otto is said to be one of Dexter's closest friends, and both Dexter and Otto are geniuses... So is Jimmy
I guess Bleedman replaced them because its inferred that Timmy doesn't go to that school, and its established (via the Jimmy/ Timmy Power Hour Movies) that the two don't share the same universe

That was no explosion
Blossom and Buttercup actually stopped the bomb Bell had, but something still made a sound similar to an explosion. What could it have been? Sure as heck not an explosion, and here's why:
  • What kind of explosion can surround the entire, thousands of miles around, planet? Not even mentioning how huge the bomb would have to be to cause that big of an explosion, it surrounds the planet perfectly. To do that, Bell would have to be near the core, but she's at best only a few miles below the surface.
  • If it was an explosion as we know them today, it definitely would not be blue. It would be red. Also, as mentioned above, it would have to be huge and very powerful to be able to go through several feet of steel and several yards of dirt between where the bomb was and the panic room.
  • What kind of explosion starts out slow? If there's anything to know about explosions, it's that they're usually bright, violent, and very fast.

Bell will snap
Blossom's shoot the robot that disguises itself as a dog moment will destroy GIR and make Bell Ax-Crazy. Then a Curb-Stomp Battle will ensue and leave Blossom within an inch of her life. The Result may lead into...

The whole Science Fair arc will be a Shoot the Shaggy Dog ending
Blossom will miss GIR And the bomb. But Bell would still go Ax-Crazy like in the preceding WMG. The bomb explodes and Everyone dies.
  • Jossed, so far. She was aiming for the power cable, not the bomb or Gir. And she didn't miss.
  • Even so, Bell DID snap. And BADLY.

Mojo Jojo is not a willing member of the Darkstar Council.
He was literally kidnapped and when Dr. X talked about the alliance he called it "The most lame thing I've ever..." Mojo Jojo was later shown hooked up to a machine, apparently a prisoner. If he ever does get freed he's likely to form an alliance with the heroes for the purpose of revenge.

The Darkstar Council aren't a big happy family.
It appears that there are three sections of the Darkstar Council:
  • Dr X, Bell, Gir and (possibly) Mojo Jojo
  • The Cluster forces
  • The Irken invaders
All of them have the same goal but different reasons for that goal. Eventually it's going to be shown that these loyalties conflict and it's one big Gambit Pileup between all sides to milk the alliance for what it's worth before eventually backstabbing the other members.

Bleedman reads TV Tropes
Page 290 is titles ""Face–Heel Turn". Coincidence?

The Kids Next Door WILL appear
So what if it's been 9 years since they were announced? It will happen! Never give up hope! KIDS NEXT DOOR RULES!!!

Blossom is in no danger
Sam is using Jack's sword, remember? She's definitely pure of heart.
  • A-yup

The "explosion" killed or otherwise removed most of the people at the science fair
Of the dozens of people that entered the fray, Only Blossom, Buttercup, Bell, GIR and maybe Monkey and Otto would survive due to not being where the explosion was (despite being near the bomb). Everyone else was at Ground Zero (The center of the explosion) and were ether dies, gets scattered throughout time and space, gets scattered through time and space in a billion pieces each or some other Fate Worse than Death.

And why would the villains do this? Pretty simple actually all of their enemies (and then some) were there making it easy to dispose of them. Event now the only thing standing between them and World Domination are two girls and a time traveler. Their forces would easily outnumber the good guys. (unless Climactic Battle Resurrection comes into play).

  • Jossed. The explosion killed no one.

The final battle will be fought to prevent the events of Grim Tales from Down Below
Because I can't see Dee Dee not doing anything to prevent Dexter from doing what he did to Mimi...

Bell actually is a Powerpuff Girl
She was created with the others, but the explosion threw her out and the others didn't notice her.
<<|Wild Mass Guessing|>>
  • Jossed. She was created by Professor X himself.

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