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Doctor Doom will appear and give the younger heroes ie. Spider-Man a Curb-Stomp Battle
Because DOOM doesn't lose to inexperienced whelps. Except that one time. DOOM TOLD YOU TO NEVER MENTION THAT AGAIN!
  • Jossed; Doom never appears or is even mentioned.

Thanos is gonna be the final villain of the series
  • Jossed, Loki, using Dormammu's powers, is.

If an English Dub gets released, people from the previous animated incarnations will reprise their roles
.As obvious as it is.

Spider-Man will be the Sixth Ranger that joins the team after working on his own for a few episodes
  • It didn't even take that long, as he's basically part of the team from the start (being one of the few heroes that can still freely operate). He's part of the team even before the main 5 heroes have all been recovered.

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