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Tear Jerker / Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

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  • Episode 1, when Dr. Akatsuki starts to lecture Akira about just doing "whatever he wants whenever he wants". Akira actually snaps at his father, pointing out his own hypocrisy.
    Akira: Talk about doing whatever you want! For two years you left us! Without a word, just disappeared! You really think that's what I wanted?!
  • Episode 3, Akira finally getting the chance to open the birthday present his father had planned to give him. Learning the gift was a brand-new pair of roller skates.
  • Episode 6, a flashback reveals Chris and his parents arguing bitterly over his not wanting to follow in his father's footsteps. All while Mrs. Taylor sits and cries her eyes out.
    Mr. Taylor: Chris, what do you want to do with your life?
    Chris: I know I don't want to be a lawyer like you, Dad!
    Mr. Taylor: So what then? What are you going to do with your life? Are you going to stay out on the streets, getting into fights and causing trouble! Just tell me, what do you want to do?
    Chris: How should I know? Just leave me alone!
    • Near the end of their argument. Mr. Taylor sounds less angry, and more desperate than anything else. Practically "begging" his son to just open up and talk to him.
  • Episode 8, poor Ed spends most of the episode either terrified, or feeling useless.
    • In a flashback, Dr. Akatsuki lamenting the fact that he never spent enough time with Akira and Hikaru. Something that got worse after their mother died and he got tied up with the DISK project.
  • Episode 9, all the people of New York's shock and heartbroken reactions to learning of Spider-Man's apparent death. Which quickly becomes a happy Tear Jerker when Spidey suddenly appears and reveals he's alive and well.
  • Near the end of episode 10, Chris talks with his father. Despite Mr. Taylor asking for Chris to call, because his mother is worried about him. Chris rather coldly hangs up without a proper reply.
    • Despite Pepper's assurances, Ed's mother remains very concerned for her son.
  • Episode 12, despite all Ed's efforts to help everyone. Chris still spends most of the episode belittling the boy, or outright insulting him.
  • Episode 13, once again Chris takes a moment to insult Ed. Accusing the poor kid of "holding back" everybody else.
    • Later, when Hawkeye starts accusing Ed of being the wrong choice for Hulk's partner. The poor kid actually starts crying. Fortunately, Hawkeye's cruel words turn out to have actually been a Secret Test of Character, but it was still heartbreaking to watch.
    Hawkeye: You're crying now? Man, how did someone like you wind up a biocode? I could throw a stick in a crowd and find a dozen kids that would have been better than you.
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  • Episode 14, Thor explaining the the backstory behind Loki's Start of Darkness to Hikaru.
  • Episode 16, while Akira and Noriko are talking. Noriko briefly brings up his father, completely unaware Dr. Akatsuki had been kidnapped and was now being held prisoner by Loki.
  • In episode 17, the fact that the Sentinels were created in the Disk Wars universe. Also counts as Nightmare Fuel.
    Iron Man: (somberly) It wasn't exactly the proudest moment in the history of the human race.
    • When Chris brings up Bucky to Cap again, its revealed that Bucky died on a mission to stop Baron Zemo. Chris than goes so far as to accuse Steve of using him as a Replacement Goldfish for his dead friend.
  • Episode 18, Noriko doesn't take learning that she's a mutant very well.
    • At one point, she even snaps and electrocutes Wolverine with her powers by accident. Logan brushes it off, thanks to his healing factor. Though his assurances do little to comfort the poor girl.
    Noriko: (crying) I don't want anyone to see me like this.
    • After the battle with the Wrecking Crew is over. Cap starts yelling at Chris, lecturing him on tacking risks and potentially getting himself hurt. Chris, having had enough angrily retorts that Steve hasn't been treating him like a partner and equal. Only seeing him as a copy of Bucky.
    Chris: All this time, you've never really thought of me as a partner. Just as someone to boss around! Fine then, I quit! I don't wanna be your partner!
    • Seeing poor Noriko, thinking Hikaru had betrayed her being a Mutant to the Avengers. Even lashing out with an electric blast at one point. Tony, as usual, is completely insensitive until Wolverine confronts him for treating the girl as some kind of machine, instead of a person.
  • Episode 19, Chris leaving the team despite everyone trying to talk him out of it.
    • Ed's desperate attempt to stop Chris from leaving.
    • When Celebrity Five member Ōkuma explains to Noriko that he can't take her Mutant powers from her. Poor Noriko is then shocked and heartbroken when he insults her, just for being a mutant.
    Ōkuma: You really thought I could turn you into a "normal" girl? A mutant freak like you!?
  • Episode 22, after just being reunited, Dr. Akatsuki getting sucked into the tear in reality created by Tony and Loki's fight.
    Dr. Akatsuki: Live on and keep getting stronger, my son.
    • While minor, before that Loki used Diablo's power on Hulk, trying to turn him against the other Avengers. He's particularly cruel when he claims that Wasp doesn't consider him a friend. Because she's vain and thinks he's too ugly to be her friend.
  • Episode 23, the episode begins with Akira having a nightmare about losing his father.
    • When Thor points out that with Loki gone, finding the lost hero DISKs will be easier. He speaks with a hint of melancholy in his tone. Something which Hikaru is able to pick up on.
    • Poor Sunfire getting badly injured after his fight with Red Skull and Crossbones.
  • Episode 24, watching poor Groot get set on fire by a frightened SHIELD agent.
  • Near the beginning of episode 28, Hawkeye and Falcon infiltrate a H.Y.D.R.A. base to rescue one Prof. Chan. However, Hawkeye and the professor are ambushed. Leading Hawkeye to try and act as a distraction so the professor and Falcon can get away. While reluctant, Falcon gets Prof. Chan to safety. Though not before Hawkeye is seemingly killed by Crossbones.
  • In episode 30, while escorting Chris and Cap to Baron Zemo, a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents take on Green Goblin so Chris and Cap can escape to complete the mission. Chris is left devastated over being forced to leave them behind.
    • When Deadpool dismisses the men as useless extra's, Chris becomes furious.
    Chris: They are not extra's, they're heroes!
    Deadpool: Who left those heroes behind and ran away? Was it me? I don't think so.
    • After Zemo detonates the land mines on the island. Deadpool rather somberly takes a moment to lament that kid heroes and sidekicks should not put themselves in danger. Which when you think about it, actually is a good point.
    Deadpool: I keep telling people, superheroes don't need sidekicks getting in the way. Bucky, Jubilee and Amadeus Cho. The whole bunch, they could all get lost.
  • Thor's sad resignation in episode 33, when he's forced to fight the other Avengers.
    • When Red Skull orders Hikaru to attack the team. Thor takes the attack himself, refusing to force Hikaru to live with the guilt of harming his friends and family.
  • Episode 35, Dr. Pym being rather cold. Explaining his only reason for helping with Tony's work on the Dimension Sphere portal, is out of purely scientific interest. This, after having just met Akira and Hikaru, and being told the point of the project is to rescue their missing father.
  • Episode 37, in a flashback it's revealed Hank Pym was once a member of the Avengers. Wasp got careless during a battle with Whirlwind, causing a gas tank to nearly collide with a building. To stop it, Dr. Pym had to grow larger than he ever had before. He saved the building, but damaged his body to the point that he could never grow giant again without feeling immense pain. Something she still blames herself for.
    • While he's recovering after the incident with the Dimensional Portal device. Hank asks Tony if Janet still blames herself for the accident that forced him to retire.
    Hank: Is Wasp still hung-up on what happened?
    Tony: What about yourself?
    Hank: Sometimes I wish our memories could be deleted with the mere push of a button. Like a robots' programming. It's really quite a curse, being human.
  • Episode 38, Hank having a nightmare over his feelings of bitterness about quitting the team.
    • The World Security Council holding Dr. Pym accountable for Ultron's actions. Basically, strong-arming Director Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. into arresting the already ill man. Not helped by Hank hacking into the system and listening in on the conversation. Which, understandably causes Hank to panic and flee the Helicarrier.
    • Hank's rude behavior towards Wasp and Jessica, even after they'd helped him escape S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.
  • Episode 39, Hank Pym's deteriorating health.
    • After Iron Man tries to convince Hank to stand down, calmly stating that he and the Avengers are his friends and will protect him from the World Security Council. Hank (as Giant Man), rather cruelly claims Tony was never really his friend. This seems to hit Tony pretty hard.
    Giant Man: Oh, we're friends? You never change, always so quick to throw that word around. You're so self-righteous, your ego never had any understanding of what that word really means. Listen up Tony Stark! Your no friend of mine! Never have been, never will be!
  • The Downer Ending of episode 43.
  • Episode 45, the tragic loss of the ancient tower that housed the Crescent Moon Dagger. Wrecker gleefully destroys it and the heroes aren't even able to prevent Joel from escaping with the Dagger.
    • Poor Ed, clearly not feeling well isn't even able to focus on the fight. Which causes Hulk to get distracted when the boy suddenly faints.
    • The moment when Ronin's true identity as Dr. Akatsuki is revealed. Poor Akira snaps at Tony, until Tony suddenly faints. To make matters worse, his DISK seemingly fails when Akira tries to D-secure him...
  • The opening of episode 46, Tony is still unconscious and Dr. Pym's skills prove useless. Sadly, poor Akira ends up blaming himself for Tony's condition.
    Akira: This is all my fault! What am I supposed to do?
  • Episode 49, Dr. Akatsuki insists the kids biocodes be removed in order to protect them. Even knowing there's a chance the kids might lose all of their memories of their time fighting alongside the Avengers. While Chris, Edward, Jessica and even Hikaru are either sad or angry at the idea. It's Akira of all people who's the calmest about it.
    • The way Chris in particular snaps at Dr. Akatsuki, stands out.
    Chris: You gotta be kidding... First you break us up. Now we won't even remember we we're partners? Seriously!? You think you can just toy with our lives like that?!
    • Pepper's heartbroken reaction when the kid's memories appear to have been permanently wiped.
    Pepper: I'm sorry, so very sorry everyone.
    • After the World Security Council sends S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to arrest the heroes. Under the extremely stupid idea they can use the heroes as a bargaining chip and negotiate with Dormammu. The heroes, unable to bring themselves to harm the agents... surrender. At this point, even Tony starts loose hope. Fortunately, this turns into a happy Tear Jerker when Akira and the other kids soon arrive on the scene. All of them having regained their memories of their time with the Avengers.