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Heartwarming / Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

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  • From the very first episode. The reason Akira was so late that he and Hikaru missed the flight to reunite with their dad? Akira stumbled upon a lost child and helped the kid find his mother.
  • Episode 2: When Dr. Akatsuki injures his leg, Spider-Man offers to carry him in order to get him to safety. The doctor refuses, knowing it will be harder for Spider-Man to protect Akira and Hikaru. So, he willingly stays behind, in order to give them the best chance to get to safety.
    Spider-Man: Come on, I can carry you.
    Dr. Akatsuki: And fight off those maniacs' at the same time? No.
  • Episode 5: After Spider-Man saves Hikaru from a nasty fall. Hikaru laments that it was due to his lack of strength that he wasn't able to get the latest DISK and help his brother. Spider-Man comforts Hikaru by telling him: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.
    Spider-Man: You put yourself in danger to save someone else. I'd say that's responsibility and power. Don't sell yourself short. You can do whatever you set your mind too.
    • After the battle with Diamondback is over, Hikaru and Thor properly introducing themselves to each other.
  • Episode 6: Thor stating that with Captain America on their side. The heroes are sure to win against Loki and his followers.
    • Steve's lecturing Akira on the importance of maintaining his health in stressful situations. While a bit cheesy, was rather kind. At least, until Chris cut him off.
    • Chris deciding to stay with heroes after all.
    • Ed, the Captain America Fan Boy stepping up to defend Hulk when Jessica accuses him of being a monster. Even as Hulk was going on a rampage and tearing up an airbase.
    Ed: Hulk isn't a monster at all. Every day he has to overcome his weaknesses and fight his own rage. Hulk is a hero, alright! There's gotta be a reason he's doing all this. So, stop talking bad about him!
    Chris: What should I do? What, do I want to become?
    Captain America: Tough questions. What do you want to become? I'll help you find out. You don't need to decide now, the answer will come.
  • In the eighth episode, we finally find out the reason why Tony Stark held a grand party just to celebrate the invention of DISKs, even though it was obviously risky. It was to show Akira and Hikaru how great their father was and for him to make up with them for the lost years he'd spent working on the DISKs.
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  • Episode 9: The people of New York cheering for Spider-Man when they see he's alive and well.
    Civilian: We love you Spider-Man!
  • Episode 10: When the kids and Avengers ask Peter to say "thank you" to Spider-Man for them.
    • The idea that Peter was considering revealing his identity as Spider-Man to the Avengers and the kids.
  • Episode 13: When Chris comes down a bit too hard on Ed, accusing him of being no good during the fighting. Cap sticks up for the boy, explaining that Ed is doing his best.
    Hulk: You don't know anything about him (Ed)! Maybe he's not the bravest kid, but no one works harder than he does! He stays up all night getting ready for a mission. And worries that I'm the one not getting enough sleep! He takes his biocode serious enough that he sometimes wonders if he's up to the challenge. That's not being weak, that's being smart. So, stop talking like you know him. Cause you don't know him at all Hawkeye!
    Hawkeye: Your right. I'm not his partner, you are. (turns round, and smirks)
  • Episode 14: Hikaru and Thor bonding over both being overly protective older brothers.
  • Episode 15: While also filthy rich, Jessica's parents are portrayed as a loving, supportive and understanding people. Even if Jessica's Dad is a bit too much of a Doting Parent.
  • Episode 17: Akira asks why there should be any animosity toward mutants, with Tony saying that humans have a tendency to show hatred and mistrust towards things that are different from them, but tells Akira to always keep asking himself that question no matter how old he gets, with Akira agreeing.
    • When the kids are told about the Sentinels. It's revealed that the Sentinels were created years before most of them were born. Which explains why heroes like the Avengers, who would never tolerate such actions didn't do anything to stop it. They weren't around yet, save Captain America (who would have likely been frozen in ice at the time).
  • Episode 18: Professor Charles Xavier reaching out to Noriko. Inviting her to the Xavier Institute. Sadly, his kind words don't appear to do much good and she starts to panic, until Wolverine arrives.
    Xavier: I am Professor X, I am speaking telepathically. Directly to your mind. I'm doing so because I continually search the world, seeking out others who are like us.
    Noriko: Like us?
    Xavier: Yes, those who are in possession of special abilities. Mutants such as yourself.
    Noriko: Mutants?
    Xavier: Yes, Noriko. For that is what you are.
    • Wolverine's main reason for seeking out Noriko? His hope that her powers will free Cyclops from his DISK. While the pair don't often get along, it's good to see that Wolverine cares about his friend.
  • Episode 19: As he's leaving the Avengers, Chris gives Cap's DISK to Ed.
    • While he's not very tactful about it, Wolverine does his best to try and offer Noriko a bit of comfort.
    Wolverine: Look I get it, you wanna fit in like a regular person. But how are you gonna do that if you can't trust anyone?
  • Episode 20: Hikaru successfully calming a distraught Noriko down even when Professor Xavier can't.
    Noriko: (sees Hikaru shedding tears) Hikaru, why are you crying?
    Hikaru: Because, I see how much you're hurting and I want to help, but I can't. Don't you get it, it doesn't matter? I don't care if you're a mutant or not. Your you Noriko, that's all that matters.
    • Before that, Hikaru risking his life to try and get a nearly paralyzed Wolverine to safety. Also counts as a awesome moment for him.
    • Watching Chris and Cap reconciling, especially after their fight in the previous episode.
  • Episode 21 has Captain America throwing his shield so hard it broke through the door on Loki's container.
    • The fact that Magneto feels completely comfortable with Xavier talking to him telepathically. He only puts his iconic helmet on after their conversation is over.
    • Noriko's counter argument to Magneto's offer for her to join his group of human hating mutants.
    Noriko: From the moment I first knew I had them (her powers), people called me a freak. Or a monster. It was like the whole world hated me all of a sudden...
    Akira: That's awful...
    Noriko: But now, things are different! I have friends that I trust! And now I know that humans and mutants can live together and should live together!
    • Akira and Hikaru finally being reunited with their father.
  • Episode 22 has this when Ed was able to snap the Hulk out of Loki's (using Diablo's power) influence.
    Loki: The alchemy, defeated by a child? Impossible!
    Hulk: You just don't get it.
    Loki: Get what?!
    Hulk: Exactly, you don't even know. That's why you'll never be able to beat us.
    • There's also the kids using synchro to help the heroes power up.
  • Episode 23: Though we don't get to see much of it. Noriko deciding to join the X-Men and go with them back to the Xavier Institute.
  • Episode 24: Star-Lord's relief when he learns Groot is alive and unhurt.
    Star-Lord: (gives Groot a hug) You had us worried dude!
    • Akira's ability to understand Groot.
    • Ed's childlike excitement at being granted a tour of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
    Ed: Boy, you don't know what this means to me to actually be aboard the Helicarrier! It's like a dream come true! Except better.
  • Episode 25: After Star-Lord and the Guardians offer to use themselves as a distraction. Luring Ronan away from Earth. Akira manages to talk them out of the Heroic Sacrifice, stating that the Guardians and Avengers should work together. Because they've already proven themselves as heroes.
    Akira: Just look, your already heroes. Your sacrificing yourselves to protect us and this whole planet. Don't you see? You can't deny that is who you are!
  • Episode 27: In an otherwise hilarious episode. Watching Ed beating Deadpool at a Superhero-based fighting game. While Deadpool was playing as Spider-Man, Ed played as the Hulk.
    Ed: Yeah! Hulk is the best!
  • Episode 29: The fact that people of Wakanda have such adoration for Black Panther. Even going so far as to cheer for him when he fights against Tiger Shark.
    • When Jessica get's caught by King Cobra. T'Challa refusing to do anything that would risk her safety, even when she insists he not worry about her.
    Jessica: Black Panther, listen! Just forget about me! You need to fight back!
    Black Panther: No matter what happens, I will not abandon you.
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. unit in episode 30, they're all honored to be assisting Captain America and Chris. Several of them mention that Cap is the reason they joined S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first place. Chris is left feeling a bit more appreciative of Steve as a result.
    Chris: (thoughtfully) What a strange time to finally realize, my partner is a hero.
    • When the group is ambushed by the Green Goblin. Chris wants to stay and help but the men insist on holding Goblin off while Chris and Cap escape.
    • Later Chris and Cap learn the entire group survived.
    • Chris saving Deadpool's life, despite Deadpool's protests.
  • Episode 31: Ed meeting Power Man for the first time. Once Power Man learns Ed is friends with Hulk, the hero quickly grows fond of the boy.
  • Episode 32/33. Hikaru first attempts to give himself power to save Akira from any attempts to harm him by putting the Dimension Sphere inside his heart, but it backfires and puts him under the Red Skull's influence and might be dying. Red Skull has him summon Thor and says that unless the Avenger attacks his teammates, Red Skull will let Hikaru die. Thor Goes along with it, but refuses both to fake a fight or kill his teammates. So, Red Skull has Hikaru attack his friends directly. Thor refuses to accept that and takes the Dsphere attack while saying he refuses to let Hikaru's hands be bloodied by this. It works, and it purifies Hikaru.
    • A minor moment during episode 32. After Hikaru shoves Akira to the ground. It's Chris who rushes to Akira's side.
  • Episode 34: Sam's reason for wanting to join the Avengers as Nova? He genuinely respects and admires them.
  • Episode 35: Even under the influence of the Symbiote, Spider-Man managing to stop himself from harming Ed.
    • Hikaru's firm belief that Spider-Man would never steal the Venom Symbiote for his own gain.
    Hikaru: Don't you see? Spider-Man would never want power that he couldn't fully control, that's why I'm sure.
  • Episode 36: Spider-Man briefly hesitating to strike Black Widow. It doesn't last long, but it proves to her that he's not in complete control of his actions.
    • Everyone encouraging Spider-Man not to be so hard on himself for what he did while bonded to the Venom symbiote.
    • All the people of New York applauding Spider-Man after the battle with Venom was over.
  • Episode 37: When Akira nearly gets sucked into the unstable vortex created by the Dimensional portal machine. It's Dr. Pym (as Giant Man) who saved him. Even more so when it's quickly revealed Hank was in a great deal of pain as a result of using his powers.
  • Episode 38: When Thor assures Hank that the Avengers will protect him because, in his words, their all comrades-in-arms. Sadly, Hank isn't moved by his words and still refuses to stand down.
    Thor: We will protect you, trust us! We're Avengers. Remember, we're partners!
    • Jessica selflessly stepping up to help Janet and Hank.
    Jessica: Your haunted by your past mistake, but that shouldn't stop your friendship with Dr. Pym. This is your chance to make things right. Whatever you decide to do, I'm in. I'll stand by your side, till the end.
  • Episode 39: Even after going on a rampage and nearly harming Iron Man and Maria Hill. Hank still saves Jessica and Wasp from being harmed when the house they were in nearly collapsed on top of them.
    • In a flashback, seeing all the Avengers, including Hank together relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee.
    • The Avengers message to Hank while he's working on the virus for Omega Ultron, "We believe in you!"
    • When that appears to fail, Fury shows Hank live video of the Avengers as they're fighting Ultron, each of them telling Ultron they have faith in Hank.
  • Episode 43: When Baron Blood forces the hypnotized kids to D-Smash the rest of the Avengers. While the Avengers are horrified when they realize what's happened to the kids. They still rush to protect them from Blade when they think he's going to attack them.
  • Episode 45: Everyone's concern for Ed, after he faints from catching a fever.
  • Episode 47: Dr. Strange using his magic, with a little help from Akira and the kids. To search for the Dimension Sphere, even managing to provide Dr. Akatsuki the strength to temporarily overpower Ronin. Thus allowing Dr. Strange to locate Loki's portal machine in the Celebrity Fives' hideout.
  • Episode 48: A minor moment for the villains. When the portal to the Dark Dimension opened, Ōkuma and Manino tried to save Rosetta from being dragged into the portal by Dormammu.
    • Dr. Akatsuki managing to break free of Loki's control and finally reunite with Akira and Hikaru.
  • Episode 49: All the heroes at last being freed from their DISK's.
    • Akira and Tony taking some time to hang out before the coming battle with Loki and Dormammu.
    • Just as the Avengers and all the other heroes are about to be arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and taken away. Akira and Hikaru arrive, along with Chris, Jessica, and Ed. Who've all gotten their memories back, after they had been thought permanently lost.
  • Episode 50: The episode starts off with Dr. Pym showing some personal growth. As he sincerely thanks Dr. Akatsuki for his help while they work.
    Dr. Akatsuki: Since when did you become so nice?
    Dr. Pym: (laughs) I have no idea.