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Fridge / Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

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Fridge Logic

  • Aren't the Avengers being kind of irresponsible? When they realized that a bunch of Tagalong Kids were going to be part of their mission, shouldn't Tony's first action have been to have his robots make them some kind of protection? Even if he wasn't going to give them fully armed-up Iron Man suits, some basic body armor should be called for!
  • When the team goes to an Arctic location with the X-Men, it makes perfect sense that only the kids are affected by the cold. Iceman is An Ice Person, Wolverine is less sensitive to the damaging effects of cold, Colossus is literally Made of Iron, and Storm is protected by the Required Secondary Powers associated with her Elemental Powers. Why the kids didn't get some warmer clothes is a question, however.
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  • In episode 33, Hawkeye reveals Crossbones was now inside a DISK. Yet, it's never explained who D-secured the villain. Since Hawkeye doesn't have a biocode, it couldn't have been him.
  • How does the Venom Symbiote work in the series? Black Spidey shoots web by pressing his wrists as ever instead of having the symbiote shoot them by itself, and when Spidey recalls how the symbiote took over him, it didn't activate his spider-sense (which in the comics was an ability the symbiote had BECAUSE of the time it was bonded to Spidey, not BEFORE it), and despite Venom being the evil version of Spider-Man, the symbiote is D-Secured in a power-class DISK instead of an animal-class one.
    • On a related note, why is Venom even "in" the power-class? Wouldn't it make more sense for him/it to be in the animal-class?

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