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Nightmare Fuel / Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

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  • Joel has shown to be Beware the Silly Ones by sitting on a fence grinning as Abomination attacks and possibly kills the guards who are trying to keep an eye on the kids to keep them safe. Then he let Hulk (who was brainwashed by Diablo) to go on a rampage even after securing the DISK at the airbase.
    • Then there's Loki, posing as a member of the World Security Council and preventing SHIELD from mobilizing, meaning he's got two extremely powerful organizations under his thumb. And now, he's passed the Super Registration Act, showing just how much power he has over the world's state of affairs.
  • King Cobra stalking Edward and Jessica in the seventh episode comes off as rather terrifying.
  • Graviton gets one of these as well in episode 13.
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  • Episode 16 has Sabretooth, who goes on a rampage and nearly kills Rosetta, stating that he doesn't care who he attacks, even if they're allies. The only thing that stopped him from doing so was Okuma, who nevertheless appreciates Sabertooth's zeal for destruction and almost comes off as being just as scary.
  • The reason for Cap freaking out on Chris in episode 19? Because he lost Bucky, his first Kid Sidekick in WWII, and Bucky probably wasn't much older than Chris. The thought that Cap has already seen a child/teen get killed once is terrifying enough. He has every right to be afraid of one of the children getting hurt because of how dangerous their job is.
  • Episode 23 has the appearance of the Red Skull and he has a complete Biocode. Also, the fact that the Avengers consider him terrifying speaks for itself.
    • How did he get it, you ask? He took them from the Celebrity Five. Try not to think about how.
  • Episode 30: Deadpool's healing being disabled and he openly discusses how he's okay with him dying in this case. This moment is even more Harsher in Hindsight if you know his whole backstory.
  • Episode 32: Red Skull's possession of Hikaru via the Dimension Sphere is Adult Fear at it's finest. Red Skull is basically forcing Thor to kill his friends or he will have Hikaru kill them, and possibly kill the rest of the children as well, his brother included. Not only that, it's revealed that were it not for Thor saving his life, the unlimited power could prove too much for him to handle, causing him to to go insane and could even kill him. Plus, his scream when he puts a shard of the sphere into his heart and when Thor's bond with Hikaru purifies him shows it's probably a painful process as well.
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  • Episode 36: What's worse than Spider-Man getting possessed by the Venom symbiote? How about Venom-Possessed Hulk?
  • Episode 42: Baron Blood and his army of Vampire minions.
    • That, and all the kids (save Akira) being turned into Baron Blood's mind-controlled slaves.
  • Episode 47, Tony explaining what happened to him when he encountered Loki and Dormammu in the Dark Dimension.

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