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Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is advertised as an "anti-adventure" game, developed by Sundae Month & published by tinyBuild. It had a Steam release on September 16, 2016.

The player takes on the role of the Janitor, an alien girlbeast with a municipally-subsidized trash incineration job on Xabran's Rock. Their ultimate goal is to leave their planet, but it's hard to save up money for a ride out when you also have to worry about affording things like food. And taking a break to loot the planet's ruins doesn't seem wise, especially when an early attempt to do so leaves the Janitor being haunted by a flying skull. Pray, work, eat, sleep, and repeat until you can finally escape this routine.


This game makes use of the following tropes:

  • Bazaar of the Bizarre: The main hub of Xabran's Rock.
  • Big Brother Is Employing You: A downplayed example. The protagonist is working for the municipality. However, this is downplayed because, while Xabran's Rock is a Wretched Hive, the government itself isn't actively making it so.
  • Bizarre Alien Sexes: The Janitor can change her gender via a "gendershift", and actually needs to eat genders regularly, as she starts feeling sick and gross if she doesn't. Gendershifting is compared by various people in the spaceport to hacking, a drug addiction, and a beautiful variation. Genders include things like "Dirt", "Hellbent", "Beast Girl" and "Susan Sarandon".
  • Cyborg: The Janitor needs to eat to sustain herself, but also has an incinerator that recharges when she sleeps.
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  • Dirty Cop: The Red Scarves, who appear to be the city guard, will try to rob the Janitor if she has enough money.
  • Fantasy Pantheon: The people of Xabran's Rock worship nine goddesses. Praying to them and giving them offerings will increase your luck.
  • Flying Face: The occasionally screaming skull that constantly follows the Janitor after being discovered.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: The Janitor can collect a fetish for each of the nine gods. This is necessary to remove the skull.
  • Luck Stat: The game tracks the Janitor's Luck Index, which can affect things like the odds of finding valuable discarded items. The luck stat can be increased by currying favor with the gods. However, burning their fetishes and prayer books will lower your luck.
  • Our Goblins Are Different: Goblin is one of the genders that the Janitor can receive.
  • No Name Given: The Janitor is only ever referred to by her job, or more often just being addressed by others as "you".
  • Sprite/Polygon Mix: The majority of characters in the game are sprites, though environments and some characters (such as the skull) are 3D.
  • Transgender: The Janitor experiences dysphoria and discomfort whenever she doesn't gendershift for a while, in a sci-fi take on non-binary and genderfluid experiences. There are also random people at the spaceport who make a pass at her and then insult her when they decline.
  • Vendor Trash: While the Janitor might pick up the occasional useful item, most of her time will be spent picking up literal trash from the ground and incinerating it for money.
  • Wretched Hive: Xabran's Rock is rife with poverty and drug abusers.

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