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A 2001 Falling Blocks and Match-Three Game by WOW Entertainment that was published by THQ. Columns Crown begins with Princess Dazzle being informed by her mother that, if she wants to become the queen, she has to recollect the 24 jewels belonging to the crown. Having uncovered four of those jewels in the castle, the princess realizes that outside help is necessary. Therein come Jade and Ruby, Dazzle's two friends from school. Happy to aid, they begin their expedition.


Apart from Player Versus Player, there are three modes to choose from:

  • Survival, which has you start with a fresh, clear board and place randomly-generated jewel sets. The goal is to keep the game going for as long as you can, with rewards given at determined intervals. This is the only mode to feature Difficulty Levels. After filling the gauge to the board's right, a special set of silver orbs drop instead of normal gems; these destroy all jewels of the same color that they land on, and can be reused by stacking at least one of the orbs above the screen's edge. Progression is determined by your earned score.
  • VS. CPU pits Ruby/Jade against a band of thieves seeking to acquire the jewels themselves, with their reasons for doing so not shown until the very end. After The Reveal, the game's Big Bad becomes Princess Dazzle's cousin, Pinch, who enlisted the thieves' help in her goal to complete her own kingdom's Columns Crown. She is not referenced in the other two modes. Filling the gauge causes one of your ability jewels to drop, which, when destroyed, can help you or hinder your opponent in various ways.
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  • Flash Columns, where Ruby/Jade must clear preset jewels to reach and destroy one or more jewels with a white outline before progressing forward. There are fifty stages total. Every fifth level is called a “Challenging Stage,” which are actually closer to Breather Levels than anything else. After clearing five, you are awarded one jewel to the crown, and are allowed to resume playing at the next stage without penalty. note 

In all of those modes, attaching jewels of the same color vertically, horizontally or diagonally causes them to disappear. With enough skill or luck, Combos can be created, which, in Survival and VS. CPU modes, gives an increasingly bigger boost to the bonus gauge. Regardless of mode, if the middle row reaches the top of the screen, it's Game Over.


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