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Trivia / The Streets of San Francisco

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  • Backed by the Pentagon: The San Francisco Police Department took a liking to Karl Malden and Michael Douglas and gave the show official support.
  • Cast as a Mask: Marlyn Mason in "Who Killed Helen French?" as Angela Somes who turns out to be Helen French herself, using makeup to hide the facial bruises she received from her abusive husband and a wig to hide her short hair as part of her double life - "Angela" is a lady of the night and Helen-as-Helen escapes when her husband thinks he's killed her (due to drunkenness). Note how in act 1 when her husband beats her we never get a clear shot of her face.
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  • Channel Hop: Back to the Streets of San Francisco was made by Spelling Television as QM Productions was defunct by 1992 (by that time Spelling Entertainment owned Worldvision Enterprises, which owned a lot of the Quinn Martin catalogue).
  • Dawson Casting: Usually averted - in "No Minor Vices" Cindy states she's 18; she's played by Maureen McCormick, who was 19 at the time of filming - but played straight in "One Last Trick," when a callgirl called Sheila (played by Deirdre Berthrong, around 24 when the episode was shot) says she's 17.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Michael Douglas went behind the camera for the only time to date with "Spooks For Sale."
  • Fake Nationality: Jerusalem-born Nehemiah Persoff played Kampacalas, a Greek winery owner in "Bitter Wine". One of his sons in the episode was played by Paul Michael Glaser, who is also Jewish.
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  • The Other Darrin: Roy Devitt is played by Tim O'Connor in "The Thirty-Year Pin," "Trail Of The Serpent" and "Endgame"; in "The Thrill Killers" and "Hang Tough" he's played by Ward Costello.
  • Playing Against Type: Ever wanted to see Bill Bixby as a ruthless assassin? "Target: Red" is for you.
  • Real-Life Relative: Michael Douglas's mother Diana Douglas guest-starred in the episode "Chapel of the Damned".
  • What Could Have Been: The show's only two-parter "The Thrill Killers" was originally planned to air as a two-hour season premiere (which is why Part 2 has Acts V-VIII), but Fred Silverman insisted that it be split in two so that the second part could go up against the season premiere of fellow QM Production Barnaby Jones on CBS and hopefully beat it in the ratings. (It didn't work. Plus it turned out to be the final season for The Streets of San Francisco, whereas Barnaby Jones ran until 1980.)

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