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"It's my job to really commit myself to the material and the project and be proud of what I've done, and I am in most cases."

Don Johnson (born Donnie Wayne Johnson on December 15, 1949 in Flat Creek, Missouri) is an American actor, director, producer and singer.

Among his best known roles are Detective James "Sonny" Crockett in The '80s powerhouse Miami Vice, Captain Nash Bridges on The '90s show Nash Bridges, Spencer "Big Daddy" Bennett in Django Unchained, Chief Judd Crawford in Watchmen, and Richard Drysdale in Knives Out.

He is currently married to his fifth wife, Kelley Phleger, with whom he has three children. He was previously married to Melanie Griffith (twice; first for six months in 1976 and again from 1989 to 1996), the second union which produced a daughter, fellow actress Dakota Johnson.