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  • Cut Song: "Into The Sunset" is a bittersweet duet between Mike Batt and Bonnie Tyler that's just perfect for a Grand Finale. Sadly, it only appears on the soundtrack.
  • Executive Meddling: Allegedly, the reason for most later additions to the show being female was due to staff requests to balance the cast's gender ratio (Amberley was the only female main character originally).
    • Seasons Three and Four were made primarily because ITV commissioned the team for two more seasons after the second. This caused some problems distributing the series for a while since the final two seasons were thus the property of a different company.
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  • Fountain of Expies: Martin Gates Productions seemed to be rather fond of the Urpneys' Terrible Trio dynamic, as proven by later projects such as the Sleazians in Bimble's Bucket and the trolls in The Snow Queen 1995. Such projects also usually feature a Kid Hero akin to Rufus or Amberley.
  • God Does Not Own This World: According to writer and producer Martin Gates, this is why no revival projects have been made thus far. Creator Mike Jupp also had to step down as consultant and storyboard artist for the closing points of the series, due to being busy with future project Bimble's Bucket.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: All of six episodes were ever released on DVD in the UK, both volumes seem out of production. Even before that, only a selection of episodes from the first two seasons got a VHS release. It's even worse for the US, that's had all of one VHS.
  • Mid-Development Genre Shift: The series was initially conceived as Darker and Edgier storybook with more action and mystical concepts. While some of these concepts make it into the finalized TV series (especially the pilot episode), the setup was reinvented into a more light hearted Road Runner vs. Coyote style cartoon.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • Recycled Script: The premise for Season Three's "The Neemod" is very similar to that of Season Two's "The Monster" (ie. a giant creature comes to life and the Urpneys try and use it to steal the Dreamstone). Since the show was often Strictly Formula, several other episodes also ran in a similar fashion plot wise, albeit with the difference of whatever gimmick the Urpneys tried (eg. "The Shrinking Stone" plays much akin to "The Invisible Blob", with most of the episode revolved around the Urpneys sneaking around the Dream Maker's tower haphazardly and losing the stone after Albert exposes them, albeit via shrinkage in place of invisibility).
  • Rereleased for Free: The entire series was uploaded free on YouTube by the official owners.
  • The Resolution Will Not Be Identified: Despite two attempts at a "finale" of sorts in the first two seasons (the conclusions of both reversed in the episodes following), the show's true finale "Urpjaws" plays out like a standard episode. Word of God claims they were holding out hope they could do more at some point.
  • Voices in One Room: As demonstrated here, most of the voice actors recorded together.
  • What Could Have Been: The original story plans for the show were intended for a children's book and had a somewhat Darker and Edgier tone. In addition the story was to focus more on Rufus (who was a prophesised hero in early plans) with the Urpneys as minor comic relief. A few of the original concepts made their way into "The Dreamthief" promo and even the Opening Special, albeit in a Denser and Wackier tone.
    • Zordrak's original name was "Nasta Shelfim", an anagram for "Satan Himself". The name was changed in fear of offending religious groups.
    • Christopher Lee was offered the role of Zordrak, but he turned it down.
    • Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Colin Baker, were each considered for the role of the Dream Maker.
    • Marketing plans were made for the show in the US, but besides a single VHS release and the odd authorised internet streams, the show got no exposure there.
  • The Wiki Rule: It's got a wiki right here.


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