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The Urpneys supply a near unlimited amount of laugh out loud moments in the show, to name but few however:

  • In "Spildit", after getting stranded on a wasteland island, Sgt Blob attempts to emulate Urpgor and create a number of vehicles to get the squad to the Land Of Dreams. All of them fail miserably.
    • In the same episode, Zordrak enters a time vortex, only to get swept into the "far side", resulting in some unusual side effects.

    Zordrak: *tsks* That was very naughty of you, Urpgor. Taking someone else's property is called "stealing". You must return it at once with my apologies and....some flowers.
    *All four Urpneys Jaw Drop*
    Urpgor: " Flowers!? Apologies!?" But...
    Zordrak: "Please Urpgor, I must insist. Do it now before it slips your mind *Urpgor leaves, indignant*. Now, why don't we brighten this place up a bit? We could have fairy lights! And a cover over the Frazznat's pit! We could have a dancefloor!"
    Nug: "What's happened? He's gone completely potty."
    Frizz: "It won't last."
    • It doesn't. The follow-up is equally good; after a falling bit of rock whacks Zordrak on the noggin and he regains his usual personality, he quickly regrets the orders he gave to Urpgor while not himself.
    Urpgor: "Master, I have returned the dreamstone, with apologies and flowers!"
    Zordrak: " You did WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?"
  • Frizz's nervous breakdown after the team get trapped in the Dream tower in "Albert's Ailment".
    Nug: Quick, the window!!!
    Frizz: *wailing* I can't reach it! I can't REACH IT!!!
    • And again later when Urpgor's Dreamstone smashing machine goes berserk (and the usual "twiddling of knobs" doesn't work):
    Blob: Twiddle the knobs, men! Twiddle the knobs!
    Nug: Nothing's happening, sarge!
    Frizz: Let us out! We're gonna be pulverised! I can't twiddle! I can't twiddle!
    Nug: The knobs aren't twiddling properly!
  • Sgt Blob treats Frizz and Nug to a drink in "The Knitted Balloon", the two cheerfully lie back and sip it before asking what it is. A grinning Blob holds up a container with an Urpgor logo on it.
    • "A fastidious little drink, with just a suggestion of arrogance, don't ya think, Frizz?"
  • Pretty much any time the Urpneys try to kidnap Amberley.
  • "The Invisible Blob", to make up for the obvious lack of animation as the invisible Urpneys sneak around, Frizz and Nug give endless frustrated commentary to the whole situation.
  • A rare example delivered by the Noops and Albert in "The Dream Beam Invasion", when they deliver an epic Oh, Crap! reaction to a giant, angry looking Frizz and Nug and run off screaming like banshees. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Frizz and Nug, since it was the nearest to them ever spoiling a victory for the Noops.
    • Earlier on in their face off, the two try to outmaneuver the Noops by jumping onto a carousel. It actually works for a while.
  • In "Urpgor's Great Adventure", the Urpneys attempt to show a hint of culture to Urpgor and practice a choir recital of "Old King Cole". They are all silenced by an irritated Zordrak, except for one Urpney still singing passionately, who is met with a nasty electric shock.
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  • Any of Nug's rather grim assumptions, this gem from "The Spidermobile" in particular:
    Frizz: We can't get out! We'll drown!!!
    Nug: Oh, I shouldn't think we'd drown. I think most likely the air would run out and we'd suffocate. I shouldn't think we'd drown.
  • Another rare case for the Noops in "The Jolly Bird", Rufus and Amberley attempt to cheer up a downbeat Spildit by playing around and pulling goofy stunts, one of which ends up with them bumping into each other. They laugh at this, however Amberley stops when she realizes Spildit is still despondent. Rufus on the other hand is still rolling on the floor in hysterics.
  • Rufus tends to have more offbeat moments in later episodes, such as this gem in "Trouble With The Miners":
    Amberley: Where are we? I don't recognise anything.
    Rufus: Neither do I....and I'm hungry.
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  • Also from "Trouble With The Miners" the Urpneys are assigned to clean up Viltheed's boiler. Insisting to Blob that they must have done a horrid job, Urpgor inspects the boiler and gives them a thorough chewing out....over a teeny piece of leftover coal.
    Urpgor: AH HA! what's this? *rssp* Look, look! You left a bit! Can't you do anything properly? EVER?
  • "All those Urpneys not going on a deadly dangerous, top secret mission with a top secret weapon tomorrow, one step of forward march...NOT YOU NUG!...OR YOU FRIZZ!"
  • Zordrak dons a Hawaiian shirt, suspenders and sunglasses following Viltheed's heat wave in "Albert Is Fishnapped".
  • After Urpgor is employed by Zarag in "Zarag Rules", he infuriates her when his inventions ruin her home. She kicks him out in a rage, leading to what essentially becomes a screeching contest.
    • And then after the Urpneys' mission is foiled, he crash lands on her, and the loud banter starts again.
    Frizz: Personally, I'll be pleased to get home. Viltheed's so quiet and peaceful!
  • In "The Neemod", Rufus daydreams about Amberley fawning over him, leading to the differences between fantasy and reality:
    Daydream!Amberley: Oh, Rufus. You're so brave!
    Real!Amberley: Oh, Rufus. You are an idiot.
  • Frizz's cowardice reaches such a level he becomes paranoid of the title character of "Hod"; a meek Shrinking Violet who Apologizes a Lot. Even when they have him Bound and Gagged, he's certain he's giving him evil looks and sobs he'll turn them into frogs.
    • The narrator's Space Whale Aesop concerning the Urpneys snooping in Hod's spaceship:
    Narrator: This was a bit of a mistake really, dear viewer. Because it's not necessarily a good idea to go around opening doors on other people's spaceships without their permission. You could quite easily and unexpectedly find yourself mixed up with all sorts of leftover dream bits, landscapes for example, that other people didn't want or didn't like, and you never know where you might end up. But then, Urpneys never learn...
    • The Noops suffer a rare Amusing Injury, complete with Circling Birdies.
    • During the Urpney's fight with Hod, some nuts and bolts from the ship and land on Mr. Blossom's head, leading the dazed gardener to do a short little prance, before fainting.
  • In "The Shrinking Stone", Frizz removes his glasses to clean them...and removes his eyes as well.
  • The show supplied a hilarious amount of Wild Takes. Urpgor delivered the most plentiful (and elaborate), though it was even funnier the rare times Zordrak or the Noops took part in one.
  • In "Blob's Incredible Plan", the Urpneys accidentally burrow up through a Noop family's house and ruin their dinner. The surprised looks on the Noops' faces say it all.
  • Zordrak wearing a party hat during the Viltheedian celebration, and attacking Pildit and Wildit with a fly swat, in "Argorrible Attack".
  • In "Urpgor's Auntie", Urpgor sees a tower of Urpneys falling towards him, and tries to stop them by holding up a STOP sign. As you can probably guess, it doesn't work.
  • Also a Moment of Awesome, Mr. Blossom's attack on the Humongous Mecha in "The Monster". As you can probably expect, it does nothing except make Rufus and Amberley laugh, and the mecha give the audience a confused Aside Glance and a shrug.
  • Blob's meeting with the other Urpneys in the pilot:
    Blob: Pay attention, men! You're probably wondering why I've called you 'ere, into the very bowels of Viltheed.
    Urpney 1: Not really.
    Urpney 2: I'm not.
    Blob: I 'ave called you 'ere so that I might brief you on Operation Dreamstone. [He shows a picture of the planet] Now you all know what this is...
    Urpney 1: It's a hamburger!
    Urpney 2: It's a football!
    Nug: Does it rhyme with nose? [Blob hits him on the head with his swagger stick]
    Blob: No. It is the world as we know it. This 'ere is the Land of Nightmares, what we are a-standing on at this very moment in time, this 'ere is the so-called Land of Dreams, where we are a-headed, and this fluffy bit 'ere is what is known as the Impenetrable Mists of Limbo. Any questions, so far?
    Urpney 3: What's Operation Dreamstone mean, Sarge?
    Nug: Operation? [Pointing to his stomach] 'Ope it's not like mine was. You'e never the same again, y'know, never the same again.
    Urpney 4: I 'ad me tonsils out. Huge, they was, like fists.
    Urpney 5: ...when the doctor saw mine...
    Urpney 6: Bed-ridden for 2 weeks, I was. Too weak to lift a cup.
    Blob [annoyed]: IF we get through the Impenetrable Mists alive, danger will be around every corner. Death will be our constant companion. There will be no turning back. So if anyone wants to leave now, go ahead. [All the Urpneys flee, except Frizz and Nug.]
    Nug: Where's everyone at?
    Frizz: They've gone.
    Blob: I want two volunteers. You, Frizz and you, Nug.
    Frizz and Nug: US, Sarge?
    Blob: You're not nervous, are you, lads?
    Frizz and Nug [clinging to each other]: Terrified.
    Blob: Compared to what will 'appen if you fail, this mission will be a piece of cake.
    Nug: Cake? Do we get a meal, Sarge?
    Blob: You will be served lunch and a complimentary beverage in-flight.
    Frizz: In-flight? I'm afraid to fly.
    Nug: I can't fly. Me arms get too tired.
    Blob: Zordrak demands it.
    Frizz and Nug: What time do we take off, Sarge?
    Blob: Zordrak awaits us. Walk This Way. [Walks off with one hand on his hip and the other in the air, Frizz and Nug copy him.]
    • In the same episode, Blob reads a map of the Dream Maker's abode directing them to the Dreamstone, until Frizz points out the map is upside down. Blob promptly rotating himself upside down to properly read the map.
  • In "Wottles", the Dream Maker is giving Rufus a very formal, straight faced explanation of the title species, while randomly producing a large bunch of flowers, clearing out a test tube of live butterflies and unravelling a towel producing fluttering birds.
  • In "The Stowaways", two Wottles are kidnapped. Wildit sets up a plan; she'll stay and keep the other Wottles calm, and Rufus and Amberley go to Viltheed, fight past the Urpneys and bring them back. The Noops don't look happy as they leave.

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