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The show

Their voices sound nothing alike, but it's remarkable how similar they are in design and personality. Come to think of it, Urpgor's voice sounds a lot like the Music Destroyer from the show that von Schlemmer is from.

Zordrak knew all along that Urpgor was trying to usurp his power.
He only keeps Urpgor around because he needs Urpgor to help him get the Dreamstone, or he may simply believe that Urpgor will never actually accomplish his goal. Whenever he doesn't need Urpgor anymore, he is quick to throw him out, likely not trusting him in the slightest.
  • This can be supported by "The Knitted Balloon". As Urpgor starts gloating he is now Lord of Viltheed, Zordrak returns to his body and swiftly puts him back in his lowly position ("You were saying, Urpgor?..."). He knows he's treacherous but he's not betting on him succeeding any time soon.
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  • Repeated in "Return of the Nightmare Stone" when Urpgor sabotages Zordrak's scheme as revenge for firing him, Zordrak instantly figures it was his doing and has him apprehended, only sparing him ultimately because he is once again necessary to Zordrak's cause until he can find another resource to replace him.

"The Dream Beam Invasion" scared the heroes into playing fair.
In the episode, a long drawn (and post victory) Mook Horror Show costs the Noops the upper hand and led Frizz and Nug to grow back to normal (and giant to them). The heroes were terrified by this and likely had no idea what caused it, maybe they had just pushed the two wimps too far. In most episodes afterwards, the heroes are far less sadistic in their methods and try for more pragmatic victories that involve getting the Urpneys out of their hair as fast as possible, perhaps having become wary of getting cocky and toying with their enemies in case they ever prove Not So Harmless again (in one episode Amberley even advises Rufus to just let the Urpneys escape and focus on getting the stone back, keeping in mind Amberley usually had an exceptionally violent contempt for the Urpneys originally).

Alternatively, they just stopped caring.
The Noops are noticeably far less Serious Business in the final episodes, and even besides their direct strategy, just seem more level headed, and even a bit bored and cynical like the Urpneys are. It would make sense if, like most on the other side, their temperament and enthusiasm over the same uneventful battle worn down, so similarly they just went for putting the quickest and most minimal effort into winning. It usually worked better anyway.

Urpgor used to be a normal Urpney...
But then he had some kind of accident that mutated him, in the vein of The Joker, and boosted his intelligence. As to why his auntie has the same appearance, maybe she was there when the accident happened, and she got caught in it too, or maybe the accident happened to someone else in Urpgor's family, who passed the mutated genes down to him.

The show was initially going to end with Rufus succeeding the Dreammaker
After all, he's able to dream during the day without needing the Dreammaker to make the daydreams, and the Dreammaker shows a lot of faith in him as his assistant when they first meet. Then there's the scene from "The Voice of Zordrak" where he temporarily transforms into a Dreammaker.
  • It can at least be implied that Rufus was supposed to gain much more development concerning his work before the Urpneys and newer heroes started taking over. Early Season One made references to him wanting to learn all the magic and methods to dream making, even one point displaying an Imagination Based Super Power. It was completely forgotten about afterwards though.
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  • There may be some complications made from Dream Makers having a rather long running profession however (apparently they were "old when the moon and stars were young").

Mr. Blossom and Wildit were lovers in their youth
But something happened to make them split up, and they still harbor somewhat negative feelings for each other, although they're on better terms than they were in the past.

Rufus and Amberley's Badass Decay was down to becoming complacent.
In the pilot, the two Noops were much more capable and resourceful under threat. As Season One progressed however, the challenge faded and the Noops tended to win by barely doing anything, and became somewhat smug. Throughout Season Two they are useless or even worsen problems, due to having gotten overconfident against the Urpneys and proving unprepared whenever they upped their game even slightly. Combined with the above scare in "The Dream Beam Invasion", the Noops got wise to retune themselves throughout Season Three and became more careful and resourceful again.

While Blob and his men started off the Cosmic Playthings of the series, as the show progressed, other characters started slowly gaining more Sympathetic P.O.V. into their field of work (and often how the Urpneys made it ten times more unbearable). Urpgor was Zordrak's Chew Toy and had to answer to him and make new schemes whenever Blob's men screwed things up, Rufus and Amberley were the heroes' errand runners that couldn't get a single easy job without getting caught in the Urpneys' buffoonery, Mr Blossom always had his garden ruined by their contraptions, etc, etc. Had the series continued, more characters would likely have gotten focus and Butt-Monkey undertones in their role, establishing an ever recurrent Freudian Excuse to why everyone resented the Urpneys and didn't consider "My boss made me do it" a feasible excuse considering their own position.


Ideas for a reboot / possible movie

There will be a reboot of this, whether it's a movie or a TV show (most likely the former.)
It will take the Darker and Edgier approach the show was originally meant to follow.

If the reboot mentioned above is made, there will be a Wut who makes a Face–Heel Turn.
His name will be Kildit.
  • Maybe he could make a Deal with the Devil with Zordrak (it would help reinforce Zordrak's role as a Satanic Archetype!) to become more powerful or something, and in return, Kildit would have to serve Zordrak and help him get the Dreamstone.

If the reboot IS made, and it IS a TV show, the main focus will still be on the Urpneys, but the Noops will have more screen time than they did in the original.
And they will have a Friendly Enemy dynamic with the Urpneys - they'll still stop them from trying to steal the Dreamstone, but they'll be nicer to them than they were in the original. Alternatively it will play the rivalry more tongue in cheek and with Lampshade Hanging like many modern reboots have in the past (admittedly the original series was edging into doing both by the time it ended).

If this possible reboot IS made, Rufus and Amberly will be the Official Couple until gives birth to blue son "Ribbon".
Either that, or there'll be a Star-Crossed Lovers subplot between an Urpney and a Noop (hopefully with a happy ending), but that sounds like a cheesy fanfic.

If Rufus and Amberly fall in love, they will have The Big Damn Kiss near the end.
And when they do, the chorus of "Better Than a Dream" will play. The song seems to be about romance, so it would be very fitting, not to mention sweet. Alternatively, "Into the Sunset" will play, Rufus and Amberley will Have a Blue son named "Ribbon".

The New Species will be Find?.
The "Heligators" were found in "The Land Of Dreams" as new People and inspired by all characters from Budgie the Little Helicopter

In this possible reboot, Spildit will also start to work for the Dreammaker.
And both she and Rufus will become apprentice Dreammakers.

This possible reboot will end with the Noops, Wuts, Heligators and Urpneys teaming up to destroy Zordrak once and for all.
At the very least, it would be a better ending than "Urpjaws", which was kind of disappointing.

In this possible reboot, Zordrak will be an Ursula-type villain.
Specifically, he will make deals with anyone (be they Noop, Wut, Heligator or Urpney) who seeks him out, and if/when they fail, he will turn them to stone and add them to his statue collection. Also, he will remain in the goat-like form he had originally, but use his One-Winged Angel form when he needs to fight.

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