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Tear Jerker / The Dreamstone

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  • The pilot. While Rufus would spend the majority of the series playing a Hero Antagonist, he Earned His Happy Ending is this case no argument:
    • He spends most of the first half getting chewed out for screwing up orders or not concentrating due to his daydreaming issues. Especially apparent in the uncut version, where even Amberley and the Dream Maker angrily express their disappointment in him. He looks completely dejected in both instances.
    • His reaction to Pildit's Disney Death. He frantically searches for Pildit among the avalanche of rocks and finally discovers his body. He checks his wrist, and seemingly getting nothing, slumps with a tearful defeated look on his face. Somehow Pildit recovers however.
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    • Later on he finds Amberley's stone body. Not quite putting two and two together, he notes how lifelike the "statue" is and sheds a single tear on it as he expresses how much he wishes she was back with him safe and sound. Within seconds, his wish comes true.
  • While it's Played for Laughs a lot more, it's really hard not to feel bad for Frizz and Nug's fates in some episodes, especially ones they frantically wanted no part of and still receive No Sympathy. In some cases Frizz breaks down in tears from his abuse.
  • An understated one, but in "Urpgor's Great Adventure" it is Amberley that ends up losing the stone to the Urpneys. Considering it is usually her lecturing Rufus for being careless, she comes off as so pitifully deflated and meek from screwing up this time round.
  • Several examples in "Albert's Ailment":
    • Albert's disease is portrayed as rather heart wrenching, particularly the moments he is howling in agony.
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    • After the heroes are captured, Amberley is convinced Wildit has a plan. Wildit just gazes with a defeated look, for a rare moment, not knowing what to do. Then Rufus discovers a knife and things spring back.
    • At the end, an already beaten down and miserable Frizz and Nug discover the heroes' missing leaves and orb which spring to life and give them another No-Holds-Barred Beatdown just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Frizz and Nug break down sobbing over the unfairness of it all. Funny but pitiful all the same.
  • Spildit's moping over breaking her new toy in "The Jolly Bird", particularly when the Noops try and fail to cheer her up.
  • In "The Monster" the robotic creature is gently swayed by Amberley into retreating and not terrorising people anymore. Unfortunately it interprets this as terminating itself, pressing it's off switch and falling apart.
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  • In cases such as "The Dream Beam Invasion" and "The Substitute" we see Noop children waking up crying terrified as a result of suffering a nightmare. As overblown as the Urpneys' punishments often are, it's a bit easier to see from such cases why the heroes are so upset by what they do.
  • You can't help but feel sorry for Frizz in "Mr. Blossom's Present", when he's having a meltdown about being trapped in the tower. Even Blob looks worried.
    • At the end of the episode, the heroes actually suffer a rare Downer Ending, having failed to cheer up the joyless Mr Blossom after the Urpneys stole his present.

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