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  • Casting Gag: In the reboot, newcomer Yashamaru is voiced by Kohei Amasaki, better known as the voice of Haruo Yaguchi from High Score Girl, a series that is very much involved with Samurai Shodown both in and out of universe.
  • Dueling Works: Between the 2019 installment and Granblue Fantasy Versus. Both games return to a slower paced style of fighting, drastically different from the fast paced "airdasher" games that have surged in popularity since the late 2000s. Came to a head when the demo for the 2019 game and the beta for Granblue launched on the same day in May 2019.
  • Fan Nickname
    • In Mexico, Kyoshiro was usually called "the clown" (due the face paint) and Amakusa "the witch".
    • When Darli Dagger was revealed, many started calling her "Rule 63 Woolie".
    • The 2019 reboot as a whole is referred to by fans as "Samurai Shodown VII", despite not officially having a number in the title.
    • Ruixiang has started to become known as "Chinese Velma" due to her design and her glasses falling off when she loses her weapon, as well as people getting tired of trying to pronounce her name. She is alternatively referred to as "Mei".
    • Hanzo's bouncing fireball attack, the Bakuenryu, is commonly referred to as "the slinky" due to the shape and motion of the attack.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Samurai Shodown Sen attempted to follow the footsteps of combo/weapon-based fighting game like the Soul Series. Unfortunately for SNK, that ended up being a Franchise Killer.
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    • The 2019 reboot takes a number of cues from Street Fighter IV, right down to the 2.5D gameplay, the heavy ink lines on the character models, and the watercolor-inspired art style. Unlike Sen, fortunately this one is much better received because what they followed were the graphical presentation, the gameplay remains the same (with more bonus stuffs) as the classic series.
  • Franchise Killer:
    • Samurai Shodown Sen, best described as a highly stripped down clone of SoulCalibur; stripping the series from what made it unique in the first place: The 'one hit can take away a lot of health'. And in addition of that, the fantastical and mystical special moves that made the game flashy in the first place was severely toned down for the sake of 'realism'. For those reasons, this really bombed big time. It put SNK off from touching the franchise for 8 years until they decided to try again in 2018.
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    • Overall opinion of Warriors Rage (PS) is even less favorable.
  • Killer App: The original Samurai Shodown on the Neo Geo home console.
  • Name's the Same: Gen-An shares his surname with Mai Shiranui. Whether or not they're related is something the writers can't agree on.
  • No Export for You: Prior to the Samurai Shodown Anthology and digital re-release on PlayStation 4, Samurai Shodown VI was only released on Japanese arcades and PlayStation 2, with the latter adding more playable characters and spirit systems available.
  • Old Shame: On Twitter, when mention of the pachinko games were brought up, an SNK official community manager replied "We don't talk about those anymore".
  • Port Overdosed: The original Samurai Shodown is one of the more recent games to qualify, due to SNK's near-constant stream of compilations and re-releases over the last decade.
    • Samurai Shodown V Special might be the most egregious example, with three different ports to the PlayStation 4 - the actual release, the ACA Neo Geo release, and as a part of the upcoming Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Collection. This is especially interesting when you remember that for years, the game was notorious for lacking an accessable home port.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Nobuhiro Watsuki, creator of popular anime and manga such as Rurouni Kenshin, Busou Renkin and Gun Blaze West, mentioned early in Rurouni Kenshin that he is hooked on the Samurai Shodown series and bought a Neo Geo CD just to play it. He continued to write Samurai Shodown-related notes in subsequent releases of Rurouni Kenshin manga. In 2003, SNK hired him to design new characters for Samurai Shodown V.
    • Subverted by Yasuhiro Nightow, Japanese mangaka and game creator who created the anime and manga Trigun. In his previous time as doujinshi artist he created a Samurai Shodown-based manga book, yet later reflected that he isn't very proud of his work for that book and requested that there be no further reprints. Ironically, the book's notoriety is what caused SNK to notice his love for the series and later lead to his job for designing Youkai Kusaregedo in Samurai Shodown V.
    • Ukyo's current voice actor Shinjiro Sakurai, not only used to play the game in arcades, but he actually used to play Ukyo.
  • Role Reprisal: Kong Kuwata has the record of always keeping the role of Genjuro from his debut to every of his appearances.
  • Too Soon: The global bowdlerization of Samurai Shodown V Special for the home releases was apparently spurred in part by the Sasebo Slashing.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • As revealed in a 2017 interview, the first Samurai Shodown was originally designed as a monster-themed Beat 'em Up. Genan was the only thing carried over from this version of the game.
    • An Updated Re-release of V Special was location tested, but never officially released.
    • Sugoroku was originally supposed to be a pirate character, explaining the otherwise out of place pirate stage in Tenka. This was scrapped due to the fact that all of the preproduction designs strongly resembled Cervantes, and the design team couldn't think of something more creative before deadlines.
    • According to game developer Nobuyuki Koruki, Darli Dagger's design started life as a feudal Japanese firefighter character, Hikeshi, but the team couldn’t get the concept to work. Then the concept of a burly male carpenter was pitched before they finally decided on merging this design with a that of a "powerful, strong-willed female with African roots."
    • Additionally Nicotine was planned for the 2019 installment, and even had a model developed early on. However, Oda stepped in and declared that the roster was lacking in female characters, so Shiki was chosen instead.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Samurai Spirits Wiki, and another Samurai Spirits Wiki.


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